19 May 2013

She did it :) ....

19 Week Old Today

We have had a busy weekend *will post pictures tomorrow*. On Friday went up to Peterlee to stay with Jason's cousin. It was there little girls birthday on Saturday, her party was at Fun shack which is huge for a kids play area so the boys loved it. We got home last night and today ive spent having a mega clean! - Fun!Anyway the main reason for today's post... Emme rolled over for the first time :) eeekkk. It's so exciting seeing her learn new things although it's scary at the same time, shes growing up so fast. I really cant believe hoe fast time is going! She's 19 weeks today how crazy is that! Jason was so gutted he missed it he put his name down to do an overtime shift today so he was supposed to be off.

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