8 October 2013

Pizza Night!...

Last weekend was the first time id ever tried Domino's pizza <<< yup first time!! I always see people instagraming there weekly Domino's and the picture where you can see when its been made etc. So last week when i had a voucher* for the Chimichurri pizza Jason when out and picked it up for tea. We ended up really liking it and you know when you have something and you just have to have it again... that happened and we ended up going again on Tuesday *ooopss!!*. It was super hot and pizza seemed like the best idea ;). This time we wanted to try the Hotdog stuffed crust... not your normal thing to have in the crust! I thought they only did cheese stuffed crust pizza. I really liked it, i think i actually prefer it to cheese, im not going to lie im not big on 'meateor' or 'meatfeast' pizza's but you can get what ever topping you like and that's Jason's favourite so i just pinched the crust haha. When we went to pick it up because it was Tuesday there was a buy one get one free offer on so i got the Chimichurri one again which i loved. Its chicken strips, red & green peppers with Chimichurri sauce!
Domino's is quite expensive for a pizza takeaway, it's £15.99 for a large pizza which is a normal size for sharing. But they always seem to have offers on which make it more affordable. There is one on through the week for 50% off when you spend £15 which is quite good! Everything we got came to £23.28 which isn't too bad for two large stuff crust pizzas and chicken wings. 


  1. You NEED to try papa johns pizza, it's a million times better than dominoes!! X


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