23 May 2013

My addiction | Tassimo t40...

Tassimo T40 | £119

I am a huge coffee/ tea lover and ive always wanted to have one of these machines. I recently got the Tassimo T40 and totally fallen in love with it. It is so simple to use and it makes the perfect tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The amazing thing about this is that it knows exactly what its doing just by reading a bar code on the t disks and makes the drink perfectly from the amount of water, the temperature it should be at and the brewing time needed. All you have to do is pop in the t disk you want and let the machine work out how its made. It is so fast too, i couldn't believe how fast it actually makes the drink you literally switch it on pop it disk in and press the button and it makes the drink with boiling water in seconds. Once the machine has made your drink you also have the option to add more water after if you feel you need it, maybe if you've made a coffee and don't want it as strong as its suppose to be which is a great feature.At the minute i have tea and coffee t disks but ive been looking on the Tassimo website and im going to order some Costa t disks aswell as some milk creamers and hot chocolate, you can also get these from your local supermarkets.Jason has been loving it too as he sets it of as he is getting his things ready for work on a morning and grabs his ready made coffee as he's leaving. 

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  1. Ah this looks amazing! Definitely going on the wishlist :) xx


  2. Replies
    1. :) i was shocked how easy it was. I ut of getting one because i thought it would be too hard for me to work out lol x

  3. oooo my dad's just bought one, had no idea you can make tea as well


    1. yeaaaa its really nice too :) ohh dont forget the hot chocolate! ;) xx

  4. We have this machine at home! I love that tassimo do the Costa lattes! My fave.



  5. That looks yummy!

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