10 May 2013

Happy Birthday GlossyBox | Inside May's Box...


This month is GlossyBox's Second birthday,
' Happy Birthday Glossybox'!!!
I love my box this month, there is one thing that really makes it the perfect box for me but il get to that soon! There are a few things in other boxes i would of like to have but im super happy i got this box because of one thing..the mascara!! Its amazing!!! By FAR my favourite mascara ive tried! and you know what... its now broken, i could actually cry! The first time i used it i loved it and when i went to use it again... the top snapped off no idea how because i just opened it normally but now i cant close it and its going to dry out super fast. I've been trying to make it work by standing it up and scraping as much product of the wand as i can before using it but its not going to be long before it drys out. I'm so gutted. It looks great on it lengthens and separates my lashes but then i love how it comes off. Its water resistant so it doesn't budge when it gets wet.I couldn't love this mascara any more its my total favourite. So upset it's broken.
The Paul Mitchell shine spray is really good, only down side to this for me is the smell. I already have this, it came in a set i got around Christmas time but its good to have a back up.Its full size too! I've never had a headline colours nail polish before but i love the colour i got so im looking forward to trying it out. I recently purchased the Collection eyeliner, the one that's like a felt tip and i love it so im really happy it have the collection liquid liner.Again another full size product. Then finally a little sample of the Beautiful movements (BM Cosmetics) primer & Create mixing medium. 
Inside My Box
Paul Mitchell | Awapuhi wild ginger shine spray
Full size | £18.95

Collection | Fast Stroke Eyeliner 
Full Size | £2.99

Jelly Ping Pong | Mascara
Full size | £15.00

Headline Colours | Nail polish
Full size | £9.00

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics | Prime & Create Mixing medium
Full size | £20.00 

Overall i think the Birthday box is really good.with four full size products you definitely get your money's worth.


  1. OMG. So ordering this month's GlossyBox! x

  2. Thank you for linking up at the parent blogger hop.

    I am a new follower & love your blog!

    Kerry xx


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