6 May 2013

Emme's 4 Month Update...

These update posts seem to be coming around quicker every month! my baby is four month old already! Saying that im not sure there is really that much to update on. She is still doing near enough the same as the last time i updated.
* She sleeps all night she will go down around 7-8. I feed/change her at 11 but she stays asleep then she wakes up around 8am.
*Her bottles are either 5oz or 7oz depending on how much she had at he last feed. I tend to give her 7oz on a morning and then 7oz at dinner time if we are going out of the house then tea time she will only be bothered about 5oz same when she has her bottle at 8 before bed and then when i feed her at 11 she some times only has about 3 with her been asleep already shes not too bothered.
She is still in size 2 nappy's.
*Clothes are now mainly 3-6months although the 0-3 are still in her draws.
*She giggles more often which is so cute although its not all the time yet.
*She has her last needles on the 8th, Cambell is having his at the same time for his top up.
*She loves her little mouse, she gets so excited when you give it to her and will hold on to it and coo over it for ages.

Emme's Headbands are from The Bow Boutique


  1. i love this photo, so cute, and it's so lovely to do these updates, for you and her to look back on as well as sharing with others, i guess!

    1. Yeah i love being able to look back and remember everything. It will be great for emme when shes older to see too :). I would of loved it if my mum did it xx


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