17 May 2013

D.I.Y Hair Wraps | Summer Fun....

Who say's there just for kids hehe....
A few days ago i remembered about these hair wraps....I can't remember what we used to call them?! and thought it would be fun to do a post on them as we are coming into summer. There great to add a bit of colour and something a bit different! If you have a daughter or little sister I'm sure they would love them too.I remember when I was little I would do them for all the kids on the street,  I was the oldest and knew how to do them so everyone would want them done. Did you do them or did you just have them when you went on holiday? These and having your whole hair plaited in a million tiny plait's was the coolest thing.I can definitely say I will not be re-living the head of plait's! Even though there super easy I thought I'd go through how I did it....

1. Pick out the colours you want ,cut them 2 or 3 times as long as your hair.
2. Pick a small section of hair. I go for somewhere in the middle not too close to the hair line so the top isn't on show if you put your hair up.
3. Tie them together then tie them around the top of your section of hair.
4. Hold your hair with the strands of string your not using together and wrap the colour you want around all the rest.
5. If you want a base colour then a different colour wrapped over keep the colour  you want to do over the base colour out when you start wrapping then when you've finished the base you can wrap the top colour over until its back with the rest. *see in first picture*. 
6. Once you've reached the bottom of your hair i just halved the colour's and tied them in a knot and cut the extra off. you can add a bead to the end before you tie it off too. I used to love putting bright colour beads on the end.

Have fun...


  1. OMG Laura I used to LOVE hair wraps!!! I would end up coming home from holidays with 4 or 5 in my hair :-) Love this blast from the past! x

  2. I love hair wraps!!

  3. Can I showed with in my hair or will they fall out?

  4. I was the same Lucie, best thing about a holiday haha xx


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