8 May 2013

Clinique | Moisture Surge CC Cream...

Clinique | £28

I've been looking for a new foundation which is going to be nice to wear in summer, *wohoo it looks like it could finally be here?!* I love my Mac face and body but i wanted something i could swop it up with that had SPF to keep me protected on hot days. After i heard about the new Clinique CC cream i really wanted to try it out. Hearding the name i instantly thought of BB creams, surprisingly ive never tryed a one... no i cant believe it either! The BB creams have been so hyped up i feel like im missing out? but since the CC cream is suppose to be the better version i might aswell skip straight to that. After seeing reviews on other blogs i thought it sounded like the perfect summer product and after testing it out myself , i was right! 
The CC cream, which stands for Colour Correct or Colour Control has been created to give a even natural looking base, like a BB cream but The moisture surge also has other great factors like SPF protection and hydration it also gives a bit more coverage which is what pulls me more towards the CC cream rather than BB creams. It has a wonder ingredient  hylauronic acid. Even thought it is super hydrating it is also great for oily skin types as it is oil free.The closest thing i have tried which i can compare it to is probably the Mac Face & Body which has always been one of my staple summer products although the CC cream is a little thicker/creamier. It leaves your skin looking even and natural like your hardly wearing any product although i think you could build it up for more coverage or use a light concealer for any blemishes that need a little more help to cover. I think it would be great for younger skin as it leaves your with a  natural looking base but also more mature skin as it covers dullness and wont cling to fine lines. If you feel you need even more coverage it can also just be used as a colour correcting hydrating base to prep your skin ready for foundation.
There are six shades in the range although i would say to go get matched at a counter or go for a shade lighter than you usually would as i think they come up quite dark. I the shade i have is light medium.

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  1. Oh my I love your blog. (: Greating from a Danish Lifestyleblogger.

  2. This looks really lovely, I think I need to try this, I have BB creams but I would like more coverage so this looks perfecto!


    1. Its really good id definitely recommend it! xx

  3. I really want to try this, I think it would be the perfect product to take on holiday instead of wearing foundation x

    1. yeah definitely i love it more every time i use it xx


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