6 April 2013

Sister's New Blog | Get To Know Her....

My sister went through some trouble a little while ago with her blog which you can read about here. Since then she's decided to created a new one from scratch called 
Peachynotes. Jessica's blog is based on both lifestyle & beauty. She also writes about hair growth as she's currently trying to add couple inches on for summer time. If anyone went to the Leeds bloggers meet up you might know her from there. She's trained in Beauty Therapy and Worked at Superdrug as their Beauty Specialised. I thought I'd ask her some questions so you can get to know her a little better.

What's the main focus on your blog?
I enjoy writing little updates about my life so I can look back on them and remember the little things that are so easily forgotten. Also I love rambling on about beauty, make up and haircare products. If I mention something on my blog I'll really love using it and want other people to know.
What's your favourite make up and skincare brands?
At the moment I've really been liking Mac and Nars but I've also found some amazing gems from Rimmel and Collection. For skincare I'm loyal to using my Liz Earle cleansing products and Origins Face masks and eye cream.
What's your beauty related goals? 
I've been try to grow my hair longer for years now and finally getting it to a stage I'm happy with, only a couple more inches and I'm at my goal length (under my boobs!) Also for summer I really want to get into wearing tinted moisturisers. One other thing is getting into shape, I've been attempting the 30 day squat challenge and its harder then it sounds! I think this year I'll get back into doing yoga and running again
What's your go normal hair and make up style? 
I normally wear my hair just simple and wavy throughout the daytime or its up in a messy bun, I don't like styling my hair too much part from nights out. My everyday make up is pretty simple too, I'd normally go for a natural flawless base, soft brown eye shadows and nude lips. Recently I've been getting into wearing winged liner, practise definitely makes perfect, I'm still learning!
Differences between Me and Laura
There's four years between us but you'd never know when we're together, plus she looks about 16 some people have thought I'm the older sister before! Since she moved out we became closer (& stopped arguing, like sister do). Its strange because we're so alike yet so different... Laura enjoye's wearing bright neon colours were as I feel more comfy wearing whites/black/grey and add colour through accessories.

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  1. great post, glad you are blogging again

    the link to jessica's blog is not letting me on :(



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