14 April 2013

Mini Mac haul...

Its that time again when you have to spend all your money on make up essentials . Ive been trying out some different bands after using F&B for so long, maybe i will do a post on what i thought of them?. The ones i tried were Estee Lauder double wear, Chanel Perfection Lumiere and Rimmel Wake Me Up. But now we are hopefully going into summer I've decided to come back to MAC face and body. Its my all time absolute favourite foundation, i love the finish and it looks great photos. It doesn't feel like you have a face thick of make up, which is the worst feeling in warm weather! Its build able too so you can just add an extra layer for a night out or if you feel you need a bit extra. Everyone seems to have the camera out more in summer and because it doesnt have spf there is no white flash back in photos so its the perfect night out foundation.
You can now get the smaller 50ml version which would probably be perfect if you are just  using it on your face and arnt a make up artist as i never seem to finish a bottle before i need to get a new one because there is so much in it takes along time to get through but the small bottle is £20.50 so for me i feel £5 more for an extra 70 ml is well worth it. 
I also decided to get the All blending sponge, i haven't used a sponge in years and if you spend £30 you get free delivery(who else does that haha) so i always look for a little extra to get so i don't have to pay delivery. I've used this a few times since it arrived, i think it will work better with a thicker/ fuller coverage foundation rather than the f&b.


  1. haha im guilty of adding a little something into my basket to save on postage, I mean three pound on something you will never see or three pound on an item? il pick the item every time ;) ...love the look of this foundation yet iv'e shockingly never tried it :O xx

  2. What colour face&body do you use? xx

  3. I still really want to try some MAC foundation.. I think I should get properly matched instead of buying online, but my nearest MAC counter is an hour away.. :(
    And I too am guilty of adding a cheeky item to the basket to get free delivery! haha



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