2 April 2013

Emme's first Jewellery | Butterfly Bracelet

Butterfly Bracelet | £49.95

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I was going to pop this post up on Sunday but then realised Emme turned 3 month so i wanted to get her update up. Obviously Emme was a little too young tobe able to eat any Easter eggs this year so i had to think of something else to get her. I wanted to get something she could remember was her first Easter present and ive been wanting to get her a little bracelet that she could keep. I remember having one when i was little. The one i had was one of them that you can adjust the sizing which is what i was originally going to get but they were sold out. Then i found this perfect little girly one from 'keep it personal' that she could have her name on and has two tiny diamonds in! ( I didn't actually realised it had diamonds in until it arrived and i got it out of the box).
I love the message on the from of the box.I think there was room for around 50 letters, i would of liked to have had 'happy 1st Easter' if there was room but i think it looks so cute sat on her shelf. The bracelet itself is  so cute I love the little butterfly :) the band of the bracelet is thick so there's no way it will bend or get broken. I remember the one i had as a baby was quite thin.
Its a little bit big at the minute but i think its so cute and the perfect first Easter present, definitely something that can go in her keep sake box when she gets bigger. I'm also going to call to toys r us and get her 'Sophie the giraffe' i was planning to get her it last month but something always came up but she seems to be biting ehr hands alot this last week so i want to get her it as soon as i can.


  1. Oh my god, this is adorable! I also want to get my little one a bracelet for her christening as I still have mine from when I was christened! I will have to remember this website and keep an eye on things to get her :)


  2. This is such a cute bracelett and brilliant gift idea for others! XX

    Hannah; Glitter and Sparkle


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