1 April 2013

Emme's 3 month / 12 week update!..

These monthly post come around way too fast for my liking! Emme turned 12 weeks on Sunday 31st, I'm confused on how i should count each month now as it's 12 week which you would class as 3 month but her actual date she will be '3 month' is the 6th as she is born on the 6th January so I'm not sure, how would you count it?

She has changed lots this month alot more awake and has the cutest personality.
* She gets excited when i look over her moses basket on a morning. ( I remember when the boys would do this).
* Still in Size 1 nappy's but I'm going to start on size two when I've finished up the pack i just opened.
*She moves her self around on her play mat.I will put her down and she some how kicks her way around and faces the other way.
*She's biting her hands alot this last week.
*Still sleep through the night!Once i put her down i don't hear a noise from her until around 8.30am!
* She goes to sleep around 7-8 after her bottle then i will give her another around 11 before i go to bed, most of the time shes asleep while drinking and doesn't take it all then once shes in bed shes totally fast asleep.Best little sleeper ever!!
*she has her 2nd needles on Wednesday 3rd aghh so sad :(
*Not sure on her weigh, she next gets weighed next Thursday (11th April)
*Still having 5oz bottles, occasionally will have 6oz.
*In 0-3 size clothes.
*Ive had to take the insert out of her car seat :(. 
*She grab's/pulls her toys on the play mat and sets them off singing.
*Love's playing with her links.
*She 100% know's who me ans Jason are. When Jason get home from work and talks to her she gets so happy.
*She loves when the boys sing to her too, always makes her smile.
*Last month she would fall to sleep straight away in the carrier on the way to school, now she will stay away until we get to the top of the hill then fall asleep so she gets to look around more.
*Her bottle times are, 8-9, 12-1, 4, 7-8, 11.

I cant think of any other things, if you have a little one and are wondering about when Emme started doing anything just leave a comment or email me :)


  1. Gosh! 3 months! Where does it go!
    She's so adorable.. (and stylish!lol)
    Looking forward to the time when my little man sleeps through.. hes in a every 3 hours routine at the moment..
    But enjoying every minute. :)

    1. Crazy hoe fast it goes isnt it! doesnt seen like 2 minutes ago we were finding out we were both pregnant!
      Hopefully it wont be long until he is :) ive been quite lucky with Emme she only used to wake once on a night from been newborn to about 6 weeks (always at 5-6) couldnt believe it when she stopped waking up for one then and left it till 8-9 lol.Im more likely to be woken up by jake or cambell!

      ps. i love your comments :)

  2. I wish they did that Gilet in adult sizes! Too cute for words :) You're such a lucky mummy having 3 beautiful, healthy and talented children :)



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