15 April 2013

Emme's 13th week...

Emme turned 14 week yesterday so as im showing pictures from last week we will call this post her 13th week ;). she is holding her toys alot better now, her favourites are her links and an elephant which was actually Jake's when he was tiny she loves it! She got some new friends too this week. We finally got time to call through to Toys r us to get 'Sophie the giraffe' I've been wanting to get her it for while so glad i finally got to pick it up.While i was looking for it i found a really cute little mouse, Emme now seems to like biting her nose. 
It was Emmes check up appointment on Thursday too where we got to get her weighted..... shes now 13lb8oz!! She still sleeps through the night.She falls to sleep around 7-8 and that her asleep until around 8 the next morning. I will give her a bottle before i go to bed around 11 but she stays asleep while she drinks. I think im going to up her bottles to 6 oz this week as she seems ready for a little more. I have started putting 6-7 in her morning bottle, that's when shes most ready for a bigger bottle after sleeping all night. I also started putting her in size 2 nappy's this week.
We booked her first holiday too.Yayyyy!!! We are going back to the Isle of Wight in September, our favourite place eve! Jason has family down there and used to go down all the time when he was little to see his grandad so we love to go back down when we can. This will be our 4th time going down together. We went just the two of us the first time, then the second time my sister and her friend came. The last time we went was when we took the boys down for their first holiday ( you can see videos here ). This time we are going with Jason's cousin, his partner and their little girl Lexi. Jake and Cam were only small the last time we went so they will understand alot more this time, they are already super excited and want to get on the ferry NOW haha. 
She giggled for the first time on Friday!! omg, the cutest little giggle ever! 


  1. I could feel each and every moment you described in your blog and the feeling that your baby is growing right in front of your eyes is the best feeling in the world....God Bless you and your baby...


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