30 March 2013

Pretty little Lairs | Spoiler/ My theory?

Not my usual post but i just came across this and though some people might be interested ... if your a PLL addict like me haha. Well I've just been watching an interview with Sasha who plays Alison (omg i cant believe she was only 14 in the first season!!) and she said that in the episode with Alison in her bedroom that there is a huge hidden clue! Obviously I google that scene and there is a picture on her wall of two 'Alison' and Jason in the middle... which totally fits everyone saying its her twin or it was her twin that died. Also in a recent episode when Spencer saw her Alison say 'Honey, you didn't even know me when you knew me' ... another hidden hint?? There are so many others .... go listen to the theme song or the intro song!!

So my guess is that When Alison went away to stay with her nana that summer it wasn't her who came back it was her twin, who ended up getting killed.So -A has been Ally all along and now it's the really Alison that's back ?? 

What do you think? Who do you think -A is?
Do you think the whole twin thing is not true and then 'hints are just to make us think that but its really something else?

I saw that Alison had a twin in the books but I haven't read them so I've no idea how it happened in the book but im sure they said it would be different to the books? If you did read the books and have watched the Tv show has it been the same so far?


  1. I've heard this theory floating around too! I've never really thought about the theme song though... "two can keep a secret if one of them is dead" - it fits perfectly with this theory!


  2. I heard something about the twin thing but I don't know, I'm not sure enough about that idea in the TV show

  3. That's what I thought aswell! Never ever would have noticed the picture on the wall though!! x


  4. I've read all of the books and although they said the TV show was going to be different it has basically been the same so far!! It's the twin thing in the book, I dont want to spoil if for you though and tell you the whole story haha xx

  5. okay, i hadn't even thought of this theory, but now it seems so obvious!!! xxx


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