13 March 2013

Perfect Personalised Phone Case | Caseable..

Caseable |  £24.90

How cute is this case?!

If you haven't noticed I love personalised things, especially when its to do with my babies so im always happy to find brand that do different things you can design yourself. I had this case on my phone when I went to the Leeds meet up and it got quite a few comments. I have been asked where its from alot too, now you can all go get your own personalised case woohoo. The case is from Caseable (if you hadn't already guessed) which is a website that do customisable Phone cases   & laptop covers, they also had covers for kindles, ipads etc. I was going fill mine with my instagram pictures but I couldn't pick which I wanted and I'id just taken this picture which I absolutely love so I went with this one... I'll save the instagram one for next time :). I'm so happy with the case itself it feels really good quality and strong. The site is really easy to use too you can design your case how ever you like, I wanted to add a bit extra so I included their names. (so strange putting 'their' I'm so used to writing 'the boys').

*Caseable have really kindly just emailed me with a £10 off code incase you would like to make your own case!! Just use the code 'laurabeauty' to get your discount :)



  1. Aww that is so cute! I need one of these! xx

  2. This is such a cute photo! How they are all looking at each other is so lovely! I need to get one of these done x

    1. :) i love it :) aww yeah you should get one with Lilly on :) xx

  3. That photo is beautiful! I'm defiantly going to get one of these done although it will most likely be of my babies (the dogs) haha :-) xx



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