14 March 2013

One Line A Day | 5 Year Memory Book...

5 Year Memory Book | £8.27
I love being able to look back on what i did on a certain day, one of the reasons i started my blog was so i could look back on things. I used to write a dairy when i was little but then as i got older, into to embarrassing teenage years i stopped because i was so scared someone would find it and read it (Jessica I'm looking at you!!). Not that there would be anything bad in it but i would of been really embarrassed if someone read it. Now I'm older i love keep as many keepsake things as i can, not only for me but for my children to look back on when there older. One of my favourite things is to look through my mums old things she has from my Nana and grandad and hearing stories about when she was little. When i was pregnant with Emme i wrote a dairy throughout the whole pregnancy so when shes older she can look back on it. It may be nice for her go get out and have a read of when she pregnant and she can see how i was feeling with her at certain points. Like when i first felt her kick and when Jason felt her etc. I still write in it now, not everyday but i do little 'updates'. 
Anyway, now that I'm super busy all day as soon as i saw this book i had to have it. One line a day for five years! Its perfect just to write the highlight of the day. It takes maybe a minute to fill in each day and then they are memories that wont be forgotten. There are a few more like it with the 'line a day'. There's also a mummy one but i loved the colour of this one and thought i would probably just fill it with the same thing i would put in this one and there's also one for kids i really want which has a question you ask your child everyday and then you can look back and see how there answers change over the years which i think would be really good. This one is definitely the next one i will order. There is one with questions for yourself too which looks good. I just love these kinds of things so i would get them all if i could. 
I ordered this one from Amazon for £8.27 which i thought was a great price for something that lasts 5 year. The p&p was free too. I love the colour the turquoise and gold look so pretty together. The book itself is quite small and you get you get to write what year it is yourself so it doesn't have to be used by a certain date. You could miss a year and carry on.  


  1. I got one of these for my boyfriend as part of his graduation gift cause the next 5 years will be very exciting and he can look over everything! He loves it, writes in it every night!

    1. ah that will be so good to look back on when hes older! such a great gift :) xx

  2. You've just reminded me to buy this! It's been in my basket on Amazon for a while now so I've just bought it. Can't wait to write in it :) x

  3. Aww what a fantastic idea! I'm certainly going to get one!! Xx



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