29 March 2013

He Won!! Yay!....

This week has been a fun busy week, after the boys made Easter hats last week Jake's hat Won!! So happy his hat was picked, he spent so much time on it. The teacher said the person who choose the winner picked his hat because they could tell he had spent alot of time on it and that he had done it his self and not had it made for him.Which is kinda what i said in my last post about alot of parents who do projects themselves instead of letting the kids do it....which is kinda the whole reason of it, right? whooo. We did a couple of other Easter crafts this week.One being an Easter basket ready for our Easter egg hunt and they got presents in the post from family on the Isle of Wight so they made Easter cards to send down which I totally forgot to get pictures of  :(. Cambell got a set for Christmas that you can build into different things so they have had that out me and Jake made a car then the next night Jason and Cambell made a fun person. How cute is my little princess ekkkk.  She has the biggest smiles on a morning as soon as you say 'Good morning' to he she gets so excited. 


  1. Aw, she's so adorable.. She has changed so much! Funny, I can notice a little change in my little my already, even after just 2 weeks!
    Easter hat looks awesome! well done! and very worthy of winning.
    Know what you mean about parents doing projects for their children.. children need to develop.. it's a part of growing up. :)


  2. Well done to Jake! Your little girl is so cute, I love how you say she gets excited in the mornings..sounds like you have had a busy but fun week.



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