4 March 2013

Emme's 2 Month Update ...

How is my baby two month old already?!?!
 I can see Emme changing everyday now getting more of a little personality. She is getting so big, i want her to stay tiny! 

This month -
*She smiles alot now when i talk to her she loves it and has a huge smile on her face.
*She likes to cuddle to fall asleep. She will fall asleep on her own but usually if she wants to nap in the afternoon if i sit with her and cuddle she will fall asleep straight away and seen so happy and calm.
* She weighs 11lb 2 oz now. 
*She still fits in her 0-1 month sleep suits/clothes.
*She is also wearing her 0-3 although most of the clothes are still a bit big.
*Shes holding her head up for a little longer, shes definitely getting stronger.
*The last week nights shes started sleeping through the night! 12-8/9!! before it was 12-5/6 which i was happy with but going until 8 has been amazing!
*The sound of the hairdryer soothes her to sleep. Whenever im drying my hair she lays and watches really calmly then will fall to sleep.
*She is still taking 4oz bottles every for house through the day and going longer at night. occasionally she will have 5oz.
*She will wake up on a morning and just lay talking/cooing to herself and smiling.
*Still in size 1 nappy's.


  1. Aww, 2 months! Seems to have flown by! :)
    She still seems so small, but I guess being with her you notice the little changes. :)


  2. so cute... yr hair look amazing in this pic


  3. She is just insanely beautiful and you're looking great! She sounds like the perfect child xx

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  4. So cute! I can't wait to meet my little lady next month :)

    Sarah xx

  5. She is just too cute, congrats on your little bundle of joy! X

  6. Aw wow, shes beautiful. I enjoyed this blogpost, what a lovely picture of you both too! :) xx



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