24 March 2013

Emme's 10th week

I was planning on posting a 'This week' post today but then realised I had a million pictures on Emme and that it would be fun to do a post each week of picture of her from that week so when she's bigger I can look back at how she grew each week over her first year. 

She seems to have grown alot this week, I've just out all her first size vests and sleepsuits away. Her first size  clothes still fit her so and the 0-3 trousers are huge round her waist although leggings seem to fit fine. She sleep through the night too, i cant remember if she did in the last update i did but shes been sleeping through for a while now. She has her last bottle around 11 and then sleeps until around 8am. She 'talks' all the time, so cute making her little cooing noises ♥.  
Jason will come home from doing nights as go straight to her in her moses basket because she always has the biggest smile on her face when she first wakes up, she gets so happy. I think she maybe about to do her first little giggle soon.She makes a slight noise when shes getting excited so i don't think it will be long but i cant remember how old the boys were when the laughed il have to find there books out, how old was your little one?
The boys are still very protective over her especially when someone goes near her even when Jason's mum came a few days ago they made sure she knew Emme was there's and she couldn't take her home. She always smile when they sit and talk to her and sing to her.The tidy up song they sing at school is a favourite this week.

I couldn't not include a few pictures of the boys ♥. They have a Easter hat competition at school this week so they have been busy decorating there hats. When ever they have to make something for school i like to let them do it themselves obviously i sit with them and help if they ask but ive seen alot of the kids will go back to school with something that has so obviously been made by their parents just so they can win the prize.The whole point is so the kids can have fun doing it, they are always so much prouder if it when they have sat and   done it themselves. Also Jake taking his baby for a walk lol how cute ♥.


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