19 March 2013

Birch Box | March

Birch box | £10+p&p

This is the first Birch box I've had so I was excited to see what was inside. It was packaged really nice with a ribbon tied round the outside of the box. When I opened it up the first thing I notice was the tin of chocolates! They are my favourite chocolates ever ( along with Ferraro roche) they remind me of my nana. I was with her the first time we both tried them. So i got really excited when I saw them :).I'm really looking forward to trying the eyeliner, I've had a little play and so far it seems really good. I love the colour too. The RMK cleansing balm I cant wait to try out I've never used a cleansing balm before so I'm really interested to see what its going to be like. The body lotion has won me over as it has Argan oil in so im expecting great things. The size of the Yu-Be moisturizer quite small, its only enough for one or two uses so you wont really be able to tell what its like, I like to be able to test a moisturiser a few times to see if it works for my skin.I can be quite picky when it comes to creams but on first impressions I think I'm going to really like it. The Molton Brown fragrance sample, I've said before im not a fan of these perfume samples in beauty boxes as they are something you can get from counters for free. I cant say just yet if i like the smell as I'm full of cold (boooo) :(. You also get a 'beauty extra' which is Sanctuary 30 day Thermal Transformation face mask I'm going to give this ago tonight so il probably do a post on what I think later in the week.The 'lifestyle extra' which I mentioned before were the Lindt, Lindor chocolates which were amazing!

Laura Geller | Inkwell Water proof Gel Liner
Full size | £24.50

Molton Brown | Valbonne Fragrance
Full size | £65

RMK | Cleansing Balm
Full size | £29 

La Sultane De Saba | Body Lotion With Argan Oil 
Full size | £26.50

Yu-Be | Moisturizing Skin Balm
Full size | £19.50

Sanctuary | 30 Day Thermal Transformation Mask
Full size | £27.50

Lindt | Lindor Heart Tin With Chocolate Truffles
Full size | £2.99

Over all I'm really happy with this month box. Its definitely worth the £10+p&p. I'm looking forward to trying everything out. My Two top pick from this box would have to be the gel liner and the RMK cleansing balm(The Chocolates have already gone :p). I really wish the Yu-Be cream was a bigger sample as i have a feeling I'm going to love it.


  1. The Thermal Transformation Mask is amazing! It feels so bizarre when it's on, because it is amazingly warm - I think you'll love it! x

    Lola & Behold

  2. Think I might have to start getting the Birch Box! Amazing for the price of it.

    1. :) its like christmas every month because you dont know what your getting :) x

  3. Hi That look really good, i've heard of Glossybox but not Birch Box so i might look into this.


    1. theyve been around in America for a while but they took over from jolie box over here :) x

  4. The Yu-Be cream is absolutely AMAZING. I've been struggling with really bad dry skin on my face for weeks, I've tried everything, even creams on prescription and they've worked for a while but wore off, never retained the moisture. Not a word of a lie - this stuff is my absolute savior. It smells like Carmex though, but I love Carmex so that's a plus for me! x

    1. i really wish the sample was bigger! im loving it so far xx

  5. I like Lindor too.
    Seen some of my friends subscribing to these beauty boxes.

    1. its my faveee im addicted again now lol

  6. Your box is the same as mine! I was so gutted not to get the beauty blender though :( Our box looks rubbish without it x

    1. ah whattt i didn't know there was a beauty blender! gutted ive wanted to try them for ages xx


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