21 February 2013

Utterly Personal...

Utterly Personal |  £16.99

How cute is this  Tatty Teddy from  Utterly personal?  
Both me and my mum love things like this that you can keep forever. I have a special teddy that i had since i was born and my mum still has her doll from when she was little... although it is missing an eye  :P .My dad always gives each baby a coin when they are born for luck... Emme was extra lucky because she got two as he couldn't decide which to give her haha. Before Emme was born my mum decided she wanted to get her something that she could keep from them and so we searched the Internet for ideas for what would be best , first we was just going to get a normal teddy then we thought a personalised one would be even better so he tryed finding the perfect one. Only problem with it been personalised we had to wait till she was born to get it as we hadn't picked a name and we obviously didn't know the exact date she would be born...she was due December 24th 2012 but did arrive until 6 Jan 2013!...good job we waited! 
We picked this out a few weeks before she was born after getting an email from them a few days after we had started looking for one we wanted...perfect timing ey?! I chose the Pink Taddy Teddy because you could fit a good side personalised message on the front alot of the other teddys from different site you could only get there name or maybe two lines but with the tatty teddy (which come in blue writing too ;) ) you can have four line with up to 16 letters on each line.So my mum got to pick what she wanted writing on the front.
I love that Emme with get to keep this forever.


  1. This is so lovely! I really like keepsake things xx

  2. i have so many teddy bears.. it's ridiculous ;)


  3. Hi Laura, omg that teddy so cute!! It defiantly a keepsake bear!!



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