18 February 2013

This week...

 This week we spent alot of time with my sister, he boyfriend was on a skiing holiday so she stop over for 3 nights. I put some highlights in my hair again... i was missing the blonde- its makes me happy. Im not sure if im going to leave it how it is now or add a bit more blonde to the top as the bottom if already fully blonde from when i ombred it. Ive been having a huge wardrobe clear out too , im so bad at keeping clothes from years ago that really i know i wont wear again but just can bring my self to get rid of it 'just incase' - the total opposite to my sister Jessica who easily gets rid of things. I did manage to fill about 6 black bags full this time thought which is probably the most ive done at once, i normally do one and stop. Then i have 6 i chucked up into the loft so i have more room in the wardrobe for other things. My plan to day is take the bags to the recycling bin!
Jason is on his 18 off now ... well 19 this time because someone owed him a shift cover and the boys are on holiday from school too so the house is full again :). Hopefully we will get to do lots of fun things this week with the boys. Im hoping the weather will stay nice and we can go to a few places. I Think Emme has her appointment to be weighed this week so im looking forward to seeing how much she has put on.She has definitely grown alot recently! Shes still fitting in her 0-1 month clothes which im surprised about as im sure the boys grew out of them in the first few weeks.
Ohhhh its the Leeds meet up again in a few weeks, who going? Let me know if you are!

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