5 February 2013

This week....

I feel like im hardly getting any time to post on my blog recently, i have so many things i want to post about! I have found a great new fake tan which i really want to get a post up on soon. I have the cutest personalised teddy of Emme's i want to share to because i just love it and loadsss more my list is growing daily of things i want to post but its just finding the time :(.I can not believe Emme is almost a month old already it has gone so fast, its crazy. Im definitely making the most of it and spending every second cuddling her, i wish i could just press pause for a while and keep her tiny. I feel very lucky to have such a good happy healthy little girl.

Ive decided im going to start doing weekly posts with pictures from the week again, i always love looking back on ones ive done before and seeing how much the boys are growing up and now Emme is here i think it will like nice to be able to look back and remember when it was we did certain things. Especially throughout her first year when there will be lots of 'firsts'.

This last week Jason has been home most of it as his days off were Tuesday till Friday. We haven't really done anything out of our normal routine as the boys have been at school and now they are both at nursery together! We registered Emme on Wednesday! I spent the afternoon at my mums on Thursday so she could spend sometime with Emme as its harder to spend the whole day other there like i used to when  the boys were younger and now with them been at school i cant stay as long with Emme so i feel as though she doesn't get to see her as often as id like  which i hate because i want her to grow up been close to my mum...she still does see her quite often but im just so close to my mum  id spend everyday with her if  could. Then friday Mine and Jason friend came over to meet Emme and brought there little girl Scarlett who is 5 months old :) The boys love babies so they were really excited. Jake and Cambell got to go play at Fun alot on Sunday for Jason's little sisters birthday party.


  1. Aww cute pics :) Can't believe how fast time goes! xx

  2. Cant believe Emme is almost a month old! That has flown by! I love these types of posts :) x

  3. So cute! Your boys are adorable :-) x

  4. Aw, lovely post and pictures. :) You have such a cute family. :)
    Cab't believe its been a month.. You seem to wish the pregnancy time away and then when they arrive, hope it slows down.. :)
    Good that you and your partner had some time together too. :)



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