28 February 2013

Fishtail braid love...

Ive started wearing my hair in a fishtail braid again recently and im loving it. Having my hair like this reminds me of summer time so this is how ive been doing my hair on the more sunny days we've had over the last few weeks. I aslo added a few highlights to my hair last week, with a bit of help from my sister Jessica. I felt like i should add a bit of blonde to the top of my hair as ive had it 'ombre'ed' for a while and stopped colouring it so the top half of my hair is quite healthy were it had grown out but i couldn't stand not being more blonde.... especially for summer. Definitely think i will be adding more soon :)

If you followed my sisters blog she has recently set up a new one as she couldn't log in to her original one and is having to start again... which mean 0 followers and she has no way of letting her old reader know her new link as she cant post on there so if you are a reader of her old blog or if you want to check it out her new link is ... PeachyNotes . 


  1. I love fishtail braids and it really suits you. Just got to wait for my hair to grow a bit longer before it looks ok on me!



  2. I love fishtail braids!I can never get them right tho need a lot of patience! colour of your hair is gorgeous!x

  3. Thank you for leaving me your link in tonight's chat, i have never tried this but i love how it looks. I'm really rubbish when it comes to hair cause mines really long and stupidly thick haha. I also have to add that your children are so cute especially your little baby girl x

  4. I love fishtail plaits on blonde hair. I have brown hair, it still looks good but you can't see it as much. It reminds me of summer too :)


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