8 February 2013

Baby B Browne | Fake tan

Baby B Browne
250ml | £14.95
Before i tryed this tanning lotion id never heard anything about it or what it was like, so i wasn't sure how i would look. I have now fallen in love with this tanning lotion and it is definitely going to be my go to tan. It is cheaper than other tans i have tryed recently and i absolutely love the colour it leaves my skin. I think i could go a far as saying the colour is my favourite from any tanner i have tryed so far. The day after i applied the lotion i looked like i had been on holiday and had a totally natural dark tan.The shade was perfect. The tan is designed to react with your natural pigment to give you a natural colour  so everyone will get a different level of tan when is the perfect shade for you and it is also packed with skin nourishing ingredients including Aloe Vera which gives a flawless colour and a great fade. 

I applied the lotion with a tan mitt it went easily and smells amazing. The tan has a guide line so its easy to see when you have already put the tan so you don't get patches of white where you missed. The guide isn't too dark so you could apply the tan then go out in public and you wouldn't look crazy. It can be washed off after 4-8 hours, i applied it before bed the first time i used it but have also applied it on a morning before leaving the house. I also noticed it doesn't leave you with steaks(once washed off) even if you get it wet before washing it off, i washed up before i got on the shower and the water had splashed up my arms so i was worried i would have dots of white all up my arms but when i washed it off they were streak free... perfect!It fades evenly too i always use the  treacle moon body butter to keep my skin moisturised while i have tan on as it doesn't strip it off like most other moisturisers.

I would definitely recommend giving this a try, the colour it leaves is just the perfect shade!


  1. I have to say that once a week im also into spray tans, wakes up my face tan.
    Should give it a try next time Im in the UK !

  2. I'm not really into that but I think you wrote a great review!

  3. never heard of this brand but i like the sound of it and that it works with your skin to get a natural tan, have you tried siennax because thats my fave


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