14 January 2013

My first week...

I cant believe its been a week already! This last week has been absolutely amazing, it is so nice to finally have our princess her, she is making everyone so happy. The boys love her to bits, always coming over to see her and telling her they love her and she has Jason wrapped round her little finger already, i love seeing them together so much, he has been the perfect daddy. 

Its amazing how fast they grow and change even in a week. Emme has been awake alot more today, seems like she has been up most of the day where as a few days ago she woke for a while on a morning then slept until around 8, woke for a while then slept again. She is doing so good on a night she will wake for her bottle then go straight back to sleep, at the minute we have a little system going, Jason will go down and make the bottles (i always hated that bit especially in the night when its cold) and then i will feed Emme. She is having around 3oz every 3-4 hours  most of the time its every four hours. I feel so lucky that she has been doing so well.She is just a really happy, calm little girl :).

She was born at 1.22am on Sunday the 6th January and we came home around 8 that night. The birth went really well, the midwifes were so lovely which made the whole experience so much better. Cambells birth was good but the midwife wernt great which make so much difference! On Monday the midwife came round  to see us and check my belly etc. Tuesdays i think i spend the day in bed resting with Emme, Jason has been amazing keeping the house clean, making the bottles up, taking Jake to school... Wednesday the midwife came again to weigh Emme, she was 8lb 15oz (9lb 1oz at birth) she will be coming back on Wednesday to weigh her again. My sister Jessica came at stayed over on Thursday and Friday the boys wanted to go see there grandad for a few hours after school so me and Jason took Emme out. Everything just seems so calm, relaxed and happy with Emme here. I wish Jason didn't have to go back to work everything just seems so perfect now!  

I feel like i recovered so much faster from the birth this time round, i think its mainly down to not tearing or being cut during the birth which i am so so happy about as that's definitely the worst bit as it hurts for so long after!The cramps that come after have stopped now im just getting a bit of aching in my back from the epidral and the joints in the tops of my legs from the spd i had before she was born which hurts if ive been walking too much or atleast thats why it hurt yesterday.

Tomorrow we have the heath visitor coming and its cambells first day at school!!!I cant believe its time for him to go already :( 


  1. Awww she is so adorable. Congratulations. I have two boys & would love a little girl :)
    gem x

  2. Congratulations! She's beautiful :) x

  3. She is just the cutest! Congrats lovely (: xo

  4. Aw congratulations honey. She is beautiful, I love her little outfits & you look absolutely radiant!! :-) broody right now!!! SX

  5. Aw shes a cutie. Glad everyone is doing well. I bet the boys are so proud to be big brothers of Emme's!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  6. AWWWWW congratulations hun, such lovely news :) glad you are recovering quickly and that shes a calm little thing :) x

  7. Oh you both look beautiful, hope you're both doing well :)


  8. Aw she is beautiful!! Congratulations! Xx


  9. Hi she is sooo cute xx. My hubby and i are going to try next month, i'm soo broody it isn't funny!! <3 I can't wait to have a baby.


  10. Your little girl is so perfect, this post makes me want the remainder of my pregnancy to hurry up even more!! Even though they do say that once you've had the baby you wish that you miss being pregnant.

    Emme is also a lovely name :-)


  11. awwww! emme updates! :) so nice shes here and has a name and isnt just 'bump' lol.
    i hope ours is calm and has a good routine.. im good with routines, but not sure on the calm!lol
    congrats to you and your family again. :)


  12. OH MY GOD - she seriously has to be the cutest baby I have ever seen xxx
    Hope you've remembered to enter my nars giveaway xxx

  13. Oh she is so gorgeous - and what a lovely name too! You look amazing in that photo - I'm still blaming my second daughter for my extra weight and dark circles under my eyes. She's nearly ten. Whoops :)

  14. Oh my god!! She is SO CUTE!! I'm expecting my first in April (also a little girl) and I am so excited!

    Any tips for labour / pre-labour / post-labour? :)



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