25 January 2013

Jake & Cambell | Hello Canvas...

Hello Canvas
Just before Christmas we got this amazing canvas from Hello Canvas , we've wanted a big canvas of the boys for so long! Ive been wanting to post about it since it arrived but everything been so busy recently that im only just having time to get it up but i needed to share it because i love it so much. Everyone that has been in the house and seen it has noticed it and said how good it looks and that they want one. Its so much nicer having a personalised canvas up than a random one from a shop with any old picture on. Im really hoping to get another one so we have one with Emme on too :) .The size we have is 20 x 28 inch which is a good big size and its only £35!Super Cheap! Although you can get them in alot of different sizes up to 35 x 56 inch! The delivery was really fast too a few days and it was here with free delivery! 
The picture we had put on the canvas was taken with an iphone too as that's all i seem to use now i couldn't find a recent one of the boys that was taken with a better camera and it turned out great. The better camera you have obviously the better the picture quality will be but im so happy with this one. You also choose if you want it in colour or black and white etc.


  1. what an amazing picture, even more so with it turned into a canvas. :)
    look forward to seeing one with emme in it too.




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