2 January 2013

Hospital Bag...

Ive been going to do this post for a while but keep putting it of because my bag wasn't fully packed, there is always going to be things that get chucked in at last minute... or as its me forgotten! But as its pretty much done now i thought id get it up.(it should be done anyway im a week over my due date, booo). Ive had a few people ask what essentials are needed and as ive done it before i know what things i used and what i didn't so i tried to just pack the very basic things that i know il actually use. Im also having a hard time getting everything for me and baby into one bag, i really don't want to have to take more than one, i feel a bit silly turning up with a million bags because more than likely im only going to be there one night.I did use the same bag im taking this time with both the boys so i don't know why im finding it hard to fit things this time. Maybe the blankets thicker or something :/ . 

For baby.
3 vests
3 sleepsuits 
a hat
few nappy's
pack of wipes

I think that's it, ive packed 3 vests/sleepsuits so i have one for her to wear straight away one if she needs changing and one for coming home. It really depends on how long your staying in hospital for as to how many you need really.I might now even need three and if i need more Jason can always bring some for me. My friend who recently had her little girl was only in hospital 6 hours so she probably only used one.Her daughter was bout just before 12 and she was on her way home at 6.Then obviously nappy's and wipes for when she needs changing ( the hospital usually put the first one on then when your back on the ward you use your own. Then coat and blanket for coming home. 

For me
Pjs for after.
Clothes for coming home.
Tiny make up/toiletry bag.
arnica tablets.
Small notebook/pen.
Maternity Pads
A few Breast pads
Black pants.

Ive packed a nighty 'just incase' as your told to take one to wear while in labour but both times ive been in before i just ended up wearing a hospital gown so to me this is a waste. I think its more likely to be worn if you don't have an epidural or anything where they need to get to your back.( Hospital gowns have the slit up the back). Then some clean Pjs for after when your back on the ward if your staying over night. Clothes for coming home, or i suppose you could just wear your pjs if you've taken jogging bottoms and a comfy top. Tiny bag with make up / toiletry's and it is tiny, its actually the bag from the Batiste gift set with the three minis inside. I didn't want to take anything big ive just popped in some mascara and concealer incase anyone turns up after or for coming home.Then sample sachets of shampoo/conditioner.My phone and charger, definitely needed!I have the boys at night so after a while Jason had to go home and i was on the ward alone with a lovely sleeping baby... perfect time to get some rest right?! Nope i was wide awake all night i would of gone crazy without my phone while baby was sleeping.The Arnica tablets ive never used before so im not quite sure how much they will help but they are suppose to help healing after so i plan on taking them as soon as i can because trust me... after is the worst part!Well it definitely is if you have a cut/tear anyway which im am so desperate not to have this time! Then finally a small note book and pen so i can write down time/amounts of the baby's feeds. I did this with Jake and Cambell and its so useful at the start so you know exactly how much milk they are getting each day and you can see when they start going longer between feeds and taking more each time. I still have the boys books in there keepsake boxes :). Almost forgot... Some thick pads for after... the thicker the better trust me! Ive only packed a few breast pads as i never really needed them last time.and finally a pack of black pants i just the shorts style as i find them comfier for after id definitely go with black or the disposable ones. I just bought normally ones to throw away after because i wasn't sure how comfy the disposable ones would be and there only cheap anyway. I think that is everything if i realise ive missed something off i will update (my bags in the other room packed so im just trying to remember everything that's in there), or if you notice there is something i need leave a comment :).


  1. yay! you finally got round to posting it! :)
    deffo a help to me, so sick of reading contrasting lists.. some i'd need a suitcase for!
    i've got two bags 'half packed' at the moment. closer to he time and once I have everything, I could probs combine, but at the moment its good having seperate as can see what have for the both of us. :)
    great idea on notebook! thats deffo my next thing to sort! i'm rather (worried) about knowing how much when etc, so to write it down is a great idea! :)
    ps - your bag is so cute! :)


    1. Glad its going to help you :). ohh i could be without my note book at the start lol so much easier to remember how much theyve had and seeing when they are going for onger between feeds, spesh when you have the health visitor round. xx

  2. laura this is so exciting :)
    i hope youre not too uncomfortable what with being over due, im sure this post will be such a massive help to people with their first births! I'm not even having a baby and I found it really interesting. Good luck with the birth hun, can't wait to see her gorgeous little face xx

    1. Thank you lovely :)
      Hopefully wont be too long now :) xx

  3. I've just packed mine today after too much putting it off! Hope everything goes well for you xxx

    1. thanks hun, hope all goes well for you too :).
      I put mine off for so long lol .... well to say im nearly too week over and only just got it sorted properly eekkk xxx

  4. Ah so exciting, hopefully you won't be waiting much longer! xx

    1. Thanks lovely :) hopefully not, shes going to be growing huge in there lolxx

  5. You are such an organised mummy! Like I said will be thinking of you Saturday, and constantly checking my twitter!!!! X


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