29 February 2012

Hello Cotton..

Ive just signed up to Hello Cotton, im guessing its just like Blog lovin and help you keep up to date with lates blog posts and finding new bloggers.

It would be great if you could follow me on there and if you have it to leave a link and i can follow your page.


Blog lovin'....

I signed up to Blog lovin ages ago but never really used it but im trying to work it out and get into using it as ive seen alot of people say its easier to follow blog posts on there. 

I would love it if you could follow my blog on there and if you have it let me know and then i can follow you so i can keep up to date with your blog posts :) 


27 February 2012

This week...

* Been doing lots of arty things with the boys again, they loveee colouring and sticking :).
*Started using a sleep app that monitors how much sleep you get.
*Been taking Bella for lots of walks.
*Loving jessicas hair with her new extensions! i really need to get some new ones, i would try bleaching the ones i have but i don't think it would work and i don't want to ruin them as i only wore them once or twice before i went back blonde.


23 February 2012

Joliebox, whats inside?...

It seems so long ago since the last Jolie box came after they took a month of in January. I'm pretty sure they said a few week ago on twitter this box would be with us the week of valentines but anyway here we are end of the next week and its finally arrived. You expect the products to be amazing after been away so long...well there not really bad but theres no wow products,  maybe its because there all tiny samples.
So inside theres a macadamia hair masque, i love this and have done a few posts on it before so i think its good for anyone who hasn't tryed it before to get to try because it is a great product.You can pick the little samples up for a few pounds from places that sell the macadamia range i always get mine from Dennis williams.
The Jane Iredale lip and cheek stain look and gorgeous colour although it does change colour depending on your mood and temperature.i tryed it earlier and it came out a pinky red colour, its a nice colour although  i do really like its orignal colour.Its also quite a small size.
Lavera hand cream, i love that its organic and that it has shea butter and almond extracts. It doesn't feel greasy at all after about a minute you cant even tell you've put anything on your hands which is really great as i hate feling like i cant touch anything after putting on hand cream and if probably a big reason why i hardly use it.It does say this is full size but for full size it is tiny and it would need to be repurchased very often if you like to use hand cream alot.
MRK cleansing oil you could probably get for free if you asked at a counter so that's a bit disappointing but i love the MAC cleansing oil so i think il like this.
Finally the Taaj make up remover, this is a good size sample at 100ml and i will definitely use it. Ive been on the hunt for the perfect makeup remover so im hoping this will be really good (so far mac cleansing oil is winning).

 Over all, although all the products are small and nothing really amazing it will all get used so i suppose that makes it a good box.

*Jane Iredale- lip and Cheek tint.
*Lavera-Sensitive organic hand cream.
*Macadamia hair masque.
*RMK cleansing oil.
*TAAJ make up remover.

What did you think of this months box?


21 February 2012

Topshop earrings...

I got these little anchor last week when i went 
shopping with my sister Jessica.
 I love the colour of them!!
 They are the exact same colour as my china glaze nail polish in mint.

£3.50 from Topshop.


18 February 2012

This week...

Jake's been off school this week and with how Jason's shifts have dropped hes been of most of the week too( tues-fri) so we've had some good family time.On Tues day i woke up to some surprise flowers and a card which was lovely and then later in the morning we had our new washer delivered ( nothing to do with valentines day it was just the first day Jason was home to fit it lol ) then in the afternoon i went shopping with my sister Jessica and got a few new vests and jumpers and a pair of earrings.Then for valentines night the boys stopped at there Nana's so me and Jason had a night in together and had a Chinese. 
Wednesday we went to see my mum and then took the boys to the park and to the pet shop to buy a new top for Bella and they got to see the rabbits. Thursdays & Friday we stayed home....ohhh how i love Fridays! new vampire dairies, Jersey shore and secret circle!! 

Laura xoxo

Which Serum is best for you?...

When it comes to skin care every ones skin is different and has different issues so when you are looking for  products its important to pick out the right one which is going to work in the way you need it to and give you the healthy, comfortable skin you are looking for.
 There are a huge list of potential issues from blemishes, scaring, dryness, wrinkles oilyness.....
After you know the issues you want to combat the next step it to find the right product which will help the best.
Here are a few serums which are all great but help with diferent skin types.

Sensitive skin-
 Avene soothing hydrating serum-
  A high performance concentrate of thermal spring water (77%) which diffuses a continuous stream of hydration throughout the day to soothe and heal skin. While the soothing action of Avène Thermal Spring Water is immediate, the unique liposome-encapsulated form prolongs and optimises its long term effect.
  The light fluid texture melts in to the skin providing a silky, soft base for make-up.  Paraben and oil free Soothing Hydrating Serum is suitable for all types including sensitive skin. 

 I have dry, sensistive skin and have been using this serum for a while and i find it perfect for keeping my skin hydrated and smooth.I love the silky feeling as you apply and that it is a great base for applying make up. 
 Avalible from Boots,£17 for30ml

Troubled Skin- 
Manuka Doctor
Apiclear - Skin treatment serum-
  A lightweight, oil-free serum that provides relief and helps refine the skin’s texture. Its super hydrating properties assist with cell regeneration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and scars.

Manuka Doctor is a natural treatment which has powderfull natural ingredicnts including purified Bee Venom which is known for its anti-bacterial, anti- wrinkle and regenerating properties.
The serum helps to..
*Eliminate the causes of blemishes.
*Nurtures cell regeneratioon.
*Helps reduce the appearance of scars & wrinkles
*NO Parabens or SLS.

 Avalible from Holland and barrett, £18.99 for 30ml

 Ageing skin- 
Age proof CoQ10 booster serum-
 An intensive antioxidant boost especially designed for dull, tired and stressed skin.  The key ingredient Co-enzyme Q10 helps to boost collagen production to aid skin repair and reduce signs of premature ageing. 
This potent serum also contains the breakthrough natural active Tamanu oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, to deeply moisturise the skin and assist skin regeneration. 
*Boosts skin recovery
*Restores a more radiant and youthful complection.
*Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
*Skin feels noticeably softer and appears smoother.
*Helps support the skins natural moisture barrier. 

Avalible from lovelula.com, john lewis, Phamacys and helth stores, £29.50 for 20ml

An Organic solution
Organic Rose Otto facial serum.
  Repairs and revitalises the skin. Strong enough to make a difference but gentle enough to use every day, this serum is naturally rejuvenating and effective – even on fine lines! An intense blend of antioxidant-rich oils bursting with cell-renewing omega 3, 6 and 9 locks in moisture and strengthens skin, whilst Jojoba, Calendula and precious Rosa Otto Oils release valuable polypeptides, phospholipids and ceramides into the epidermis to renew elasticity.
The result? Perfectly toned and super soft skin!

Full of natural, organic ingredients including, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Sun flower seed oil, Vitamin C are just a few from the list. 
This serum is Paraben free, SLS free and has no artificial colours fragrences or harsh perseratives.It is also suitable for vegetatarians and vegans and Dr Organic is against ainmal testing. 
*Optimises skin hydration
*Lowers trans dermal hydration
*Reduces the apperence of wrinkles and fine lines.
*improves elasticitly and firmness.
*Nourishes and restores.
*Antionxidant protection.
 Avalible from Holland and Barrett, £11.99 for 50 ml.
 Here's a picture if the serums so you can see how the different serum look.The one for aging skin and the organic are much more of an oil forumula and are quite runny, where as  the ones for sensitvie and troubles skin are thicker and have a more silky feel and you apply when to the skin. 

What skin type are you? 
Have you found a serum that works for you?


17 February 2012

Soap and Glory- Solar powder Bronzer....

I find it so hard to find a good bronzer that doesn't look orange and having been through quite a few ive never found the perfect one that im totally 100% happy with. I got this Soap and glory Solar powder from my sister Jessica a while ago and it has become my everyday bronzer,so far its one of my favourites out of the ones i have tryed along with benefits hula which would have to b my favourite so far as i find i has the least orangey tones to it. 

The Solar powder bronzer is a really nice colour and it is so soft it feels like velvet so it blends really well.I think this would work best for paler skin as it gives a subtle wash of colour rather than a deep tanned effect.
The bronze shade isnt orangey and doesn't have and shimmer which i like.The lighter shade isnt very shimmery either. 

If your looking for a subtle bronzed glow this is perfect.

Solar powder is currenry on 3 for 2 in boots and its £11. 

Laura xoxo

16 February 2012

Four Reasons- repair

As i highlight my hair i  need to take extra care of it to make sure it stays hydrated. Having a good Shampoo/Conditioner and treatment is a must for me.Recently Ive been using this Four Reason repair trio on my hair so i thought i post letting you know what i think of it as the line is new to the UK.
About Four Reasons
Four Reasons is the fastest growing professional hair care brand in Scandinavia.
The range was launched in Finland in 2010 and its now used by over 3,000 salons in Scandinavia. The brand has won several awards in a short space of time, including Cosmopolitan Best Hair Product Award 2011.

The products-
 'A great shampoo for very damaged hair. It has very intense moisturising properties and rebuilds over processed hair.Stylist Tip-Ideal for very dry and damaged hair. '
' Very concentrated and intense conditioner. Repairs damaged and over-processed hair. Can also double up as a treatment. For best results use with repair shampoo.'
'Our apple scented intense repair treatment is perfect for revitalising hair and returning it to its luxurious, soft an shiny feel.'

 First of all the packaging of Four Reasons products is full of hair related fun quirky quotes.-love.
The smell of the products in the repair range is a fresh, clean, fruity apple smell which is really nice.I absolutely love the smell of these products, definitely the best smelling hair products ive used for a while. 
The shampoo lathers up really well and leaves the hair feelings clean.The conditioner is extra moisturising, it says on the label that it rebuilds over processed hair. 
Ive been using the treatment 1-2 times a week after using the shampoo/conditioner and leaving it on for as long as im in the shower. I also used it after redoing my roots after rising out the bleach i covered my hair in this for a few minutes and after washing it of my hair was really so and smooth which for me really proves it works as after having bleach on normally leaves hair feels dry. 

I'm definitely a big fan of the Four Reasons Range and will be repurchasing these and other products from the range.

You can buy the range online here. They also do free delivery for the UK.
Repair Shampoo- £9.95 for 300ml
Repair Conditioner-£10.95 for 300 ml
Repair Treatment- £11.95 for 150ml.
Laura xoxo

13 February 2012

Manuka Doctor- bee Venom Repair cream.

Since the weather has become freezing and we've had all the snow the last few week or so I've noticed a huge change on my skin and im not liking it at all! Normally my skin is OK along as i use a good moisturiser after washing my face its pretty good and stays feeling hydrated but since its got really cold no matter how much moisturiser ive been applying it is still left feeling dry, un-hydrated and its not nice to apply make up.
So im on a mission to get it back to its normal self.
Ive been using the Bee venom mask (see post here) and then after ive been applying this Bee venom repair cream.
'With Purified Bee Venom & UMF® 18+ Manuka This light weight non-greasy cream delivers a perfect balance of intense hydration & purified nutrients that accelerate skin regeneration. By repairing the skin's natural balance and assisting in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and scarring.'
My Thoughts-
When you first apply it goes on really smooth and feel really silky and nice it has a silicone feel like a primer then you start to feel it working and it starts to tingle for a few seconds. I have found it really helps in re hydrating my skin and its now well on its way to feeling hydrated. I haven't worn makeup for the last few days as I've been just trying to get the moisture back into it so I've just been applying the repair cream and leaving it on and letting it work without adding layer of other products on top.My skin was so much easier to apply make up to today and i definitely think its all down to the repair cream.

If your skin is feeling the effects of the weather id definitely recommend checking this out. 
You can find the Manuka Doctor range at Holland and Barrett. 
The Repair cream is £24.99 for 50ml.

Nail rocks- Strips


Ive just realised i never posted on what i thought about the nail rocks.I think these can in a Glossybox, i get mixed up with that came in which box as im subbed to the Jolie box too.Anyway i wasn't too keen on the design when i first saw them and didn't think id ed up using them but i was curious to see if they would work so i applied them.Once they were on i totally changed my mind and loved them..now i want them in every design they have! They went on really easily you just place the wrap over your nail and use your finger to smooth it onto the nail then file the excess off the tip of your nail. I was really shocked at how long they stayed on especially as i always have my hand in water. After around two weeks a few started to lift slightly at the ends and it got quit annoying when it got caught in my hair etc so i took them off but they could of lasted longer as it was quite hard to pull them off and im pretty sure some of my nail was pulled of with the wraps.

The Wraps are £6.65 to buy and come in lots of different designs. i definitely think they are worth it.if you are going on holiday or have an event coming it and want great looking nails that dont chip id 100%  recommend getting some.

Laura xoxo

12 February 2012

Models Own- Grace Green

I got this while Models Own had there 50% off sale last year and i love it! 
There polishes go on really nicely.Theres definitely a few more i want to pick up but im trying to hold out till there next 50% off sale that seems to be a yearly event ;)

Grace Green two coats

Whats your favourite Models Own colour?

Laura xoxo

This week...

We've all been poorly this week so its been spent watching films layed on the sofa. Mainly Barneys great adventure and Drop dead Fred, both films i loved when i was younger although watching drop dead Fred again now im older i see it different theres alot more swearing in than i remember lol i just remembered it as Fred been funny.
The boys loved walking to school in the snow although when we got back (after these pics) cam got really sick and Jake had a bad cold so had to miss his first day of school :( luckily Jason was home the rest of the week to drive Jake to school so i could stay home and look after cam.

Laura xoxo

10 February 2012

Cath kids,With a Cherry on top ;)...

A few days ago i got a big package delivered and i had no idea what was going to be inside so it was quite exciting :).I opened it up to find a new can of cherry smelling Batiste(yum) and a really really cute Cath Kids cherry umbrella!!Im so excited i absalutly love the umbrella its so cute and will definitily get lots of use when walking up to school woth the boys :).
The Batiste dry shampoo is the newest from the line of dry shampoos and it smells so good! I love cherry and the bottle design is so cute, i think my fave so far deffinitly one that i will have out on desplay in my bedroom.The design is inspired by there latest love of vintage glamour.
I used it as soon as it arrived as i was rushing about getting ready, i love using batiste to give me a bit of extra texture and volume...it gives my hair that bit of extra oomph which is perfect when your in a rush and dont have the time to spend ages on your hair.Although i was needing it to touch up my roots to as i fell asleep early the night before and forgot to was my hair.-Perfect!

The 200ml cans are £2.99 and can be picked up at Boots, Superdrug,Asda etc..

Laura xoxo

6 February 2012

This week...

*Last weekend we had 'Buttons' come to stay. Buttons is a little teddy from jakes school that goes home with someone in the class every weekend and the take pictures and stick them into a book showing and telling everyone what things they did with Buttons while he stayed. Jake loved it and loved been able to show everyone what he did with buttons at story time on monday.

*Ive been busy doing our family tree with my mum and we got quite far back on my mums dads side, to the early 1600's and they all were born/lived in the same place we do. My mums,mums side came from Sheffiled when my nana was young but thats not too far away. We even found someone from my mums dads side! Its one of my great grandads brothers granddaughters.So weve been chatting to her over the last week.
*Ive been feeling crappy all week too a mix between cold and flu -_- now the boys have started to get cold too.

*We went to jasons sisters 1st birthday party on Saturday too.When we left to go there was no snow-on the way home it was really thick and we were only gone three hours!! Jason was working nights so we had to get back early but the drive home wasnt nice. Theres always someone that doesnt seem to realise you need to be more care in the snow and pulls out on us. Luckly jasons a really good driver so we were fine.


2 February 2012

Cute Republic hat....

Seen as thought its getting so cold out at the minute and looking out my window it seems the snow is starting to come, i thought i share my cute hat i have from Republic. I got it just before Christmas and i think the price was £12.99 or around that.I think it looks so cute and will deffinitly be needing it when taking Jake to school if it stays so cold.
Have you got a cute winter hat for this winter?

Laura xoxo
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