12 January 2013


All Occasion Sweet Shop


Today i wanted to share with you my sweet hamper from All Occasion Sweet Shop.I love sweets, especially a huge box of yummy sweets that remind me of been a kid! This is the 1980's Hamper which is full of all the fun sweets of the 80's! Ive never bought a ready made sweet hamper before but i have made my own for presents in the past. I think they are great for a Christmas, Birthday or Valentines present. Who doesn't love a box full of there favourite sweets? The hampers from All occasion sweet shop range from £12.94 upto huge hampers at £59.98 which also has water bombs and a whoopee cushion included!Fun!I wanted to get pictures of everything that came in my hamper so if you wanted to order one you can get a good idea of what will actually be inside. Although i did receive my box just before Christmas and noticed the contents of my box are different to the list that is on the website but i think that is because it was so close to Christmas when my was sent so some items would have been substituted and you usually get more (if you take a look at the link you can see the full list), i wanted to mention this because i thought the contents were good in the box i received but if there's is normally more in the box that's even better! The Hampers are really good quality too, usually with gift like this the hamper would end up been thrown away after but these come in a woven reusable box, i love boxes like this i actually have quite a few around the house already so im really happy to have an extra one. I think it looks much better if you are planning on giving this as a gift too. 
They also do wedding favours too which i think are really fun and cute. Also one of the most yummy things on there site lucky charms!!! i need to order myself a box!


  1. Now I want to order one lol :) Cute hamper though :) Fizz Whizz and Parma Violets being my favourite. :)

  2. Oh how I remember when sweeties like that used to be 1p/2p! (haha showing m ages there a bit! :p)
    I love the 'old skool' sweeties.. The violets and the lolipop dip with fizz used to be my fav.. Along with the likes of black jacks and fruit salad chews! yum!
    serious sweetie craving coming on now...


  3. That's such a cute idea! So many sweets :P

  4. Ah how nice do they look, my bf loves sweets! may have to get one as part of a valentines present lol and they sell lucky charms!? i cant find anywhere that sells those so thank you :) x

  5. OMG this looks amazing! Feeling a sugar rush just looking at it! haha

    I currently have an international lipstick giveaway including MAC and more.



  6. Parma violets & black jacks are the best retro sweets!! :)

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

  7. I love this hamper! It's like heaven for me and it will definitely keep me going for a couple of days. I'm really into sweets and this is definitely like a jackpot.


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