20 December 2012

New Bow Phone case...


Ive wanted to show my new phone case since the minute it arrive as i love it so much but my camera hasn't been working recently :(. How cute is this bows case from Iconemesis ! Ive been through alot of cheaper phone cases in the past but there always seems to be something wrong with them and i have to take them off for some reason.Like if im taking pictures the whole picture will look the colour of the phone case which can get quite annoying so i just end up leaving it off. I was really in need of a good case which fit well and was well made so finding out about Iconmeis came at the perfect time as my iphone has a cracked down the back and needed covering!The cases feel really smooth, good quality and fit around the camera/sound buttons perfectly.The site do lots of different unique case designs for the iphone 4 and 4s as they work with different artists that put there art work onto the cases. The design i choose is by Leah Goren from California and is £24.99, ive just checked the site and they have a 20% off offer on if you use the code  ICON220 . Delivery is also free to the UK .


  1. I loveee this, might have to take advantage of the 20% code!x

  2. this is so pretty - thanks for the code too, means i can splash out on myself haha!
    liv xx


  3. This is a really sweet phone case. Very girly. I like it


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