6 December 2012

My ClaireaBella bag ...

My Claireabella original arrived and i love it :). You might remember a few month ago i did a post on the Claireabella bags for a competition from the #leedsbloggermeetup and i found out at the beginning of November that i won!! I was so excited so i thought i would show you how it turned out :). I wanted her to be dressed more casual as its more 'me' and of course blonde hair blue eyes. I went for the large jute as i wanted to be able to fit plenty of things inside incase i want to use it and need to take baby things out with me. It has plenty of room inside to be able to do  that. I'm so glad its an original and that it was painted my Claire herself , makes it a bit more special. I think these would make a great gift as there personalised. The large classic jute Is £39.99 from Toxic fox  . You can also get kids ones which looks so cute for younger girls.


  1. Well done! :)
    This is soooo cute and pretty! I want oneeeeee
    Http://throughchelseaseyes.com/ xxxx

  2. I would love one of these, just don't know when I'd use it!

  3. I really, really want one of these!

  4. Aw bag is lovely! :)
    I chose the 'casual ABella' too.. and in large. :)
    Congrats on winning again, deffo worth it.. Espec like you say, to know it's an original. :)
    Can't wait to get mine (week and 2 days.lol) and use it. :)
    I bought my friends daughter a polo jute for christmas, just before the kids range got launched, but the polo jute is a good size I think for a 7 year old. :)

  5. This is just adorable, the picture is the sweetest, and I love the style of the bag :D x


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