12 December 2012


Skin is made up of an outer layer called the epidermis, which constantly grows and sheds dead cells, and the dermis, which is the layer underneath. As we age, skin regeneration slows down and dead skin cells begin to build up on the surface of the skin. The result: dry and unflattering dull skin that sometimes flakes and gets in the way of our skin’s natural beauty. But there is a solution; regular exfoliation prevents the dead skin cells from building up and allows the skin to shine in the way it was meant to.

Not only does exfoliation remove the dead-skin barrier and the layer of dull and dry cells, it also allows for Johnson’s Body Care moisturising products to penetrate deeper and to moisturise more effectively. The ultimate result: healthy and glowing skin from now, into the golden years.

Some tips to remember when exfoliating: before jumping into the shower or the bath, do a dry body-brushing session all over your body, brushing the skin in a circular motion. The action exfoliates and also helps to increase and improve circulation and fight cellulite. After that, wash away the dull layer with one of Johnson’s moisturising body washes that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils while at the same time, adding another layer of moisture. Post-shower, while the skin is still moist, apply a moisturiser to lock- in the water and protect the skin from the elements. Don’t neglect often-forgotten body parts like the feet and elbows where dead skin cells can easily build-up.

Last but definitely not least, remember regular exercise is not only a great outlet for stress, but it will also gets the blood flowing to the surface of the skin which supports the skin’s rejuvenation and renewing process.

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