16 December 2012

Bow making and Present Wrapping...

Once again my Phone charger has broken so i have no phone .... again! I swear i must have gone through at least 20 chargers!!  The wires keep coming apart :(. So annoying especially when i have a cute new phone case.Plus i could need to go into hospital anytime now at i really don't want to have to go with no phone lol i need to be able to contact people and take pictures! Hopefully il get a new one in the morning after my last midwife app!!I cant believe how fast this pregnancy has gone i feel like i should be 20 weeks or something. Crazy! Were still searching for a name we both agree on too so if you know any cute names please leave me some ideas lol.We both ave one we like but Jason doesn't like the one i like and although i like the one hes chosen its quite popular which is why i like mine more aghh.
Ive been addicted to making bows this last week, I think they look so cute on a little headband and there so cheap and easy to make. I cant wait to get back to the ribbon shop for different colours. I made a few little red bows to stick onto peoples Christmas presents too :) i think it looks so cute and like more effort has been put into it. Im planning on doing family's presents wrapped like this then the boys in a different paper so they don't think ive wrapped theres.... because obviously the elfs do theres! 
I have soooo much Christmas shopping to do this week still, we still have Jasons side to buy for plus the boys presents, we only have there mail one so far!! .... Getting Jason to go propper Christmas shopping before he really needs to is impossible! I think hel finally realise on Christmas eve lol .


  1. My Fella is just like that! He refuses to shop until xmas eve.
    He's going to Meadowhall with his sister on xmas eve to get the whole familys presents... Men!

    Congrats on your pregnancy & your presents look adorable!

    Kerys xx
    Little Bo Blab

    1. Its so annoying lol i like to be organised but its impossible haha.
      Thank you :) xx

  2. Awk... the way you have wrapped your presents is super cute!



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