31 December 2012

41 Week Pregnancy Update...

How Far?
41 Weeks!

Due date?

24th December, Christmas Eve!

I feel like all i want to do is sleep!! Today is the first time we've left the house since Christmas day and that's only because i had to go to the midwife.All ive done is lay around the house (well as much as you can with a 3 & 4 year old to look after ). I seem to be so sleepy through the day then the later it gets i start to wake up.

She seems to go crazy for a while then nothing. Like she wakes up has a good wriggle about and goes back to sleep. Last night especially she was waking up and moving like a crazy woman for ages so i could sleep.

I really want a mint aero krushem ... so nice. Ive only had one butif i could have them all day everyday i would!

The pain in my legs is still there from the SPD which is the worse thing but i seem to be able to manage it better now to stop it hurting as much. Ive had heartburn alot too.

Looking Forward too?
 Holding my little baby!!!

This week
Has been a lazy week, ive been trying to get the house all ready and spotless but that just seems impossible when theres 3 boys and a dog to constantly follow around lol. Its always harder when theres no school/work because everyones home all the time so by time ive finished a room something needs doing again in the one ive just done aghh!! Ive pretty much got my bags packed and ready, i found it hard to fit everything in one bag this time, i think it might be because its winter so clothes/blankets are thicker taking up more room so ive put the things im going to wear to come home in and baby's coming home sleepsuit/coat in a different bag that can be left in the car until its needed then Jason can bring it in when its needed. Ive just been to see the midwife and everythings fine, she did a stretch and sweep to hopefully get things moving. I have one with both the boys.. with Jake it worked and my waters broke that night and with Cambell it didn't and i went 11 days over so im hoping it works but im not as convinced that it will like i was last time i had it. I have been having  a few pains since we got back but will just have to wait and see because ive had then before and they just seem to fade after a while and stop :( . Ive been booked in to be inducted on Saturday 5th Jan which is kind of a special date for me as it would have been my Nana's birthday who baby will be named after :). The only bad thing is Jason is back at work on the 2nd so if the Stretch and sweep does work and if shes born tomorrow im going to be coming home with baby and Jason will have to go back to work which wouldn't be the best having just given birth then coming home to look after three baby's alone straight away, were hoping he will be able to swop shifts with someone so he can get this week off but im not getting my hopes up lol. If nothing happens and i go in on Saturday he will have just come off his last night shift so it will be a veryyy long day for him but at least he will have his four days off to be home with us :). 

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