25 December 2012

40 Weeks Pregnancy Update!!..

How Far?
40 Weeks!

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep is fine aslong as i have a thick pillow between my legs other wise im in so much pain the next day!

Still plenty of movement, i think it may have slowed down a little but not really.It seems like if i think about her moving she moves :/ .

Not really...

The pain in my legs is still there, i definitely have spd i cant remember if i mentioned that id seen the midwife last week and she confirmed it. Not that i know what it is and how to help it the pain isnt as bad...most of the time. I still have heart burn too.

Looking Forward too?
The pain in my legs going! Holding my little baby!!!

This week
I had a few contractions on Thursday night but then after a while of laying down they faded away...which i was expecting to happen really. I had it happen like that Cambell when he was overdue for a few nights before i went in to have him and it turned out i was already dilated a few cm so maybe that's happening again. Ive been worrying all week about going into labour today because i didn't want to miss being with the boys on Christmas eve/ Christmas morning so ive been trying to convince myself not to get an epidural so i can be out asap. Im just so scared of the pain.... i know how it is ive been there before and it was awful!!lol ( With Jake the epidural didn't work and it was the worst pain ever then with Cam it did work and it was so much easier and a much better experience! Although its getting late now and she hasn't started coming so im pretty sure il make it through Christmas without going into labour :). I cant believe its actually my due date, its gone so fast and really doesn't feel like it should be lol id be happy to stay pregnant a bit longer if Jason was off work all month but hes back on the 3rd so im hoping she will come soon so he has time with her (as long as its after tomorrow morning,i need to see the boys open there presents ha).So crazy to think she could be here by this time next week! Oh and we still don't have a name!!eekk.


  1. oh no did you only get your stretch marks in your 40th week?

    1. no ive had them a while, i got a few at the end of first pregnancy then 2nd and third added more lol.

  2. I can't believe it's here (well, been and gone by a day.lol)
    The weeks seem to have flown by! Hope mine do after Christmas, I'm sp inpatient now, I want him to be here..
    Bet your glad you've had today with your family. :)
    Please update as and when you can! :) All the best to you. :)

    1. thanks hun :) hoping she will hurry up now, want her here before jasons back at work! xx

  3. oooh so exciting! I hope you've had a lovely christmas xxx

    1. thank you hun, hope you did too :) xx

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