17 December 2012

39 week Pregnancy Update | Bump pics ...

How Far?
39 Weeks!

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep is fine, its just turning over that is painful because of my legs still.Its much much more painful now!

Still plenty of movement, she went crazy a few nights ago while Jason was watching lol. It freaks him out when she does a little kick so it was really funny to she him, she her move loads!

Ice creammm and milkshake although i haven't had much ice cream and still haven't had a milkshake i really want one!!

The pain in my legs!! Well its my pelvic area before it left like id been at the gym for hours and i was aching but now its more around my bones and i can feel like grinding together when i turn over etc. I found out a few days ago about spd and when i first saw it i had no idea what spd meant so i looked it up and it sounds exactly the same as the things im experiencing so im 99% sure that is what i have. 

Looking Forward too?
The pain in my legs going! Im hoping i will go once shes born anyway! 

This week
I cant believe were at the last week already! I really feel like it has gone so fast and i should only be half way through. I have my last midwife appointment today so i can hopefully sort something out to make the pain in my legs not as bad.I also need to do the rest, well most of our Christmas shopping! ...  Just back from the midwife baby is fine, she said her head is really low so i suppose were just waiting now :). I told her about my legs been bad and she said it sounds like spd which i was 99% sure it was. My next appointment is for in 2 weeks on New years eve when il be 41 weeks if she isnt here and il get a stretch and sweep then if that doesn't work il be book in for induction when im 12 days over which is 5th Jan. My nanas birthday and also who baby is been named after! so i wouldn't mind going over for baby to be born on a special date. Only problem is Jason's back at work on the 2nd :(.


  1. Good luck ! I hope the pain goes away soon and everything goes well if she arrives in the next week! x

  2. Aww good luck for when she arrives lovely :)
    Fingers crossed the leg pains go when she comes too :)


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