11 December 2012

38 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump ...

How Far?
38 Weeks!

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleep is fine, its just turning over that is painful because of my legs.

Still plently of movement, she loves to stick her feet,knees, elbows out all the time now when im out shopping etc not just when im sat down.

Probably ice cream! 

My legs hurt so bad!! its definitely getting worse and worse. I was looking online a few days ago and came across SPD and its sounds like what i cam experiencing. I was quite shock there is an actual name for it i thought it was just with doing too much. I think its definitely worse on a morning, must be how i sleep even thought i sleep with the genni pillow and turning over is so so painful! Although it did used to be for 5 minutes on a morning that it hurt now its all day! If i didn't have that i would feel totally fine and be happy to stay pregnant forever lol. Oh i think i had a few hours of contractions on Sunday night! it started around 9-10 and then they went after i fell asleep. They were deffinitley coming and going around 6-7 minutes apart but i supose they just weren't strong enough to set me into full labour. I had this happen while i was pregnant with Cambell, a few night to a week before he came i was getting contractions then they would stop, usual when i got into the bath it would take them away but when i went to the hospital to be checked i was already around 4cm and was in no pain at all so it must of been those contractions that started and stopped....maybe shes on her way?

Looking forward too?
The boys meeting 'baby sister' seems to be her name at the minute as me and Jason cant pick a name we both like! I have one i like and Jason has one he likes but we cant agree lol. I think i should get to pick as Jason picked the boys names but he doesn't like the name i like haha :(

This week..
We have been trying to get the Christmas shopping done so were all set if 'baby sister' does decided to come early. We have most other peoples now or we know what we are going to get, we just need to go on a big trip to get all the boys presents!Last night me and Jason went out for a meal together to TGI's as Jessica never stops saying how amazing it is! Probably are last night just us to before baby comes....well it will of been. We might just get a Christmas shopping trip or two that we do alone lol if she doesn't come soon! Today im going shopping with Jessica hopefully to get the boys Christmas eve pjs and Christmas day tops. :) ohh ive really been loving making hair bows this week :) ive done a few baby ones and now im hoping to find some clips and different style ribbon so i can make ones a bit bigger to clip on to headbands!

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