3 December 2012

37 Weeks Pregnancy update..

How Far?
37 Weeks!

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleeps ok but im always in pain when i wake up, its like the joints at the top of my lefts are so sore and stiff! I hurts so much to even turn over in the night. 

Movements seem to be just in the bottom part of my belly this week so im guessing shes dropped down.There still huge, i can definitely tell i have a full size baby in me!

Chocolate ice cream! Ben and jerrys brownie! 

Aching in my legs has been the worst part of this week, back ache and heartburn.

Looking forward too?
Jason been at home till after Christmas! He finishes nights on Wednesday then hes home till next year yayyyyy! definitely going to feel alot more christmassy having him home all month :).

This week...
Jason pumped my exercise ball up on Saturday night... my might have seen it in the back ground of the vlogmas vids lol the boys love it. Hoping that will help my back! I have the midwife today although its not my usual on as shes away.Todays the last day l have to walk up the dreaded hill to school pregnant haha its jasons last day shift so il have the car when hes on nights then he can take him up with me :).* Update * just seen the midwife and everything is fine :) she said babys head is on its way down although alot of the time they dont go full down until labour with third pregnancys.She also said third babys seem to come super quick so i might not have time for an epidural which i was hoping for :( the hospital i have to go to where i can get an epidural is abit futher away than the one i had the boys at as they dont do them there anymore so i suppose i will just have to wait until it begins and judge if its worth the longer trip. I rang my mum after to see if i came fast ( i was her third) and she said she only just made it to the hospital in time so maybe she could come super quick lol.


  1. wow your belly looks like its going to burst! :)
    so very excited for you.. :)
    glad everything is going ok..
    had my first experience of my belly moving, while in the bath yest, not quite to the degree of your video, but still weird and good at the same time. :)

    1. haha i feel like it is!
      awww the best feeling isnt it? i remember the first time i ever felt jake move :)
      haha ohhh youl get there soon be trying to kick through your belly! xx


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