6 November 2012

Woolly Mammoth | Crafty Time ...

Woolly Mammoth

My boys love doing crafty things, drawing, sticking, making things etc they love it! So when i came across Woolly Mammoth a while ago i knew they would love it.  If you have young children this is the perfect way of spending some quality time together , because the whole point in Wolly Mammoth is about been able to get that quality time with your little ones the packs are made so the children can do somethings and you will have to help do somethings. 

How it works...
Twice a month* you will receive a package through your letterbox each containing the materials required to make one craft.
You can either opt for a monthly subscription where you will receive two kits per month, which you can cancel at anytime. Which is £9.90 each month.( there is a 10% off offer on at the minute by using woolly10 ) OR you can opt for the  on of purchase which is just for one month where you will receive 2 kits. Which is £9.90.

The kits come with the items you will need to make the craft although it is a good idea to check out there site for the list of things that are useful to have already at home ( most of which you probably already have  ) such as glue or scissors, paint, pens etc. 

I love that the kits come addressed to the children it makes it even more exciting for them when they see there name on the package. Also makes them want to start right away! In our first pack we received everything to make a woolly mammoth badge.Aswell as all the things you need to make the craft you also get a step by step instruction sheet on how to make to make it along with pictures. There is also a list on the back of what the kit contains and the little extras you will need from your own supplies ( scissors, glue etc) . The boys had so much fun making it and there was more than enough in the its for them to make one each and still have things left at the end.

This is the perfect thing to do for some fun quality time with your little ones. 
I also thing this would be great if your stuck for christmas presents if your a parent, grandparent , auntie or friend especially as you can choose is you want to let the subscription run for a while or just as a one off .


  1. These look so good! I might have to sign up for Elodie :) xx

  2. this look so good, and I don't even have kids! Haha might just order it for myself..x

  3. Aww look at their little faces in the last picture - cuties! Such a good monthly subscription x

  4. Aww love their faces in the last picture, way too cute! Made me smile :) Love the idea of the subscription although I don't have kids. I do however have 5 younger siblings so I know they would love it :) xx


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