1 November 2012

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeliner | NUDE & BLACK...

Rimmel Scandaleyes 

I often try and resist when it comes to products that are massively hyped up....blogging can be expensive lol.Last week i was calling to asda to pick up a few things and decided to pick up a new mascara as my current one is drying out. Then while i was looking i remembered i needed a new liner... obviously ;). Ive been undecided about which type of liner to repurchase... ive been using gel liner for quite a while but over the last month or so found myself going for pencil and and liquid liners as they are just faster when im rushing in the morning because i don't have to clean a brush after. Then while looking i noticed the Rimmel liners because they were water proof and realised its the same one my sister (@jessicaleigh929) has been telling me about as she really wanted the nude shade. We had actually been to town to pick up the nude shade a few times but always forgot once we were there to get it :/ so i decided i would get it nude as well as the black and im so glad i did!

They are intensely pigmented, super creamy and really smooth making them easy to use and wont tug at the eye area whilst applying. I love how soft and smooth they are! I can see them wearing down easily and probably been hard to sharpen *tip* pop them in the fridge to harden them up abit before sharpening. The black looks really good on its very black and gives a perfect smokey look while the nude and brighten up the eye when used on the water line. I have noticed if i put the black on my top waterline and the nude on the bottom, the black can smudge onto the nude. Ive been using these maybe just over a and the black is ready for sharpening. I am really loving these especially the black. I'm now desperate for the taupe shade! 

The liners were advertised at around £3.89 but at the till they were £2.89 ish I cant remember the exact price but i know they were £1 less than i was expecting.


  1. I have the black eyeliner and i like it too :) I've only used it a couple of times so far.

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    www.bamblingsofnaffy.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  2. I love the bronzey one they do, need to pick it up tomorrow!



  3. Ooh they look cool :) but the pb i have with pencil eyeliners is that they always seem to leave marks when i open and close my eyes throughout the day...


  4. Nice!
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  5. Absolutely love that Nude Eyeliner ! I don't know why more beauty brands don't make a nude shaded liner.. so good for brightening up your eyes. I've always got mine in my little make-up bag.

    Rebecca xx

  6. Ooh I'd really like to try the nude, I've been searching for a good nude eyeliner! xo


  7. These look so good, definitely want to try them and I'm intrigued to see how my eyes would look with the nude on my waterline :) x

  8. I picked a few of these up when Boots had their 3 for 2 offer on (I can never resist). I got the black, nude and the silver. I love them all. They are super pigmented and really long wearing. The nude one is perfect for the water line. Great for the price.


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