7 November 2012


I haven't done a 'This week' post for a while and i love having them to look back on so i thought i do one with pictures from the last few weeks :). I have so many post i want to do this week so hopefully i can get them written up tonight! Im now going to spend the net few hours at school with Cam for his weekly group that's been set up to get them ready for starting after Christmas .... its with everyone who will be starting with him so hel already have friends on his first day, as well as his brother in his class lol. I think they have someone coming in to do things with them today. Ohhh im going to do my hair tonight, cant decide if i should do it how i used to with highlights or re ombre it again?

Also its Kerry's due date today!!!
 AHHHH :) So excited for you!! Hope baby comes very soon!!
Good luck!!!!

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