20 November 2012


I want to start and keep up with resent pictures so i don't lose them so here's a few from the last week or so :)  . I got some Christmas pjs last week eekkk, well i got them to go in my hospital bag but thinking about it if she doesn't come till Christmas eve or if shes late then im not going to get much wear out of them so i might have to dig them out ;) . So glad i caught 1,01,01,01,01,01 on the baby count down ha! cant believe its getting so close now its crazy! I picked up these cute pink storage boxes from next ... my obsession is starting to slow down, maybe because ive bought now of the things! These were only £12 or two in the sale from £25! so cute! We picked up her bouncer last week too :) i love it! Ohhh and Santa followed me on twitter ;) wooop!! haha The other pictures are from just before we went shopping the boys wanted to take a picture :) Ive also been loving my enrapture totem recently it curls my hair so well.

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  1. I have seen those pink storage boxes in next, and they are so gorgeous! I was tempted to pick them up for myself ;)

    New follower :)


    Rachael xx


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