8 November 2012

Kiss everLashMD Eyelash Enhancing Serum...

Kiss everLASH |  £17.99

Ive been wanting to try on of these serums for so long i always wondered how well they worked and as my lashes seemed in a bit of a mess i started using this t the perfect time for them. When i started using the serum  my lashes on my right eye had half  broken off so i was desperate for this to work and get my lashes longer and thicker again. Kiss everLashMD Eyelash Enhancing Serum. Specially formulated to provide essential nutrients for your lashes you can achieve longer, healthier looking lashes in just 4 -6 weeks.For some reason the before picture is of my left eye and although i took some of my right i can find them :(. I used the serum every night after taking my makeup off ... ( maybe missed the odd night ) for around 30days so far and i can definitely see a difference my lashes are thicker and longer.My lashes are my main focus when it comes to doing my make up i like to make my lashes look as long as possible so i like to look after them as much as i can and after using the serum they definitely feel healthier. I actually had a dream last week that my lashes were super long and got broken off again... i was gutted!! 

The serum contains -

  • Peptide and nucleotide blend – Keratin boosting peptide promotes the growth of healthier lashes.

  • Vitamin B3 , Vitamin P, Pro-vitamin B5 – Conditions and moisturises lashes and stimulates lash growth.

  • Gingko Leaf Extract - Contains high level of bio-flavonoids which stimulates lash growth.

  • Hydrolyzed Silk – Forms moisture-retentive films that protects and moisturises lash cuticles.

  • Abyssine – Marine extract that reduces irritation and helps protects new lash growth from sun damage

The EverLASH serum is available from Superdrug for £17.99 although i cant find a link on there site, you should be able to find it instore. It is also available on the Boots site but is £34.99 from there which is quite a big difference!

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  1. Wow you lashes look amazing ! I have to give this mascara a try .

    xx Liyana

    ( I'm having a MAC giveaway on my blog open until december 5th ! )


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