29 November 2012

GlossyBox Exclusive Edition...

This is the second Exclusive edition box from Glossybox which is full of luxury spa products from one of the best spa brand in the world!- ESPA. ESPA are known for there natural skincare products and have won over 125 awards in the last 3 years! - WOW... After reading this i have very high expectations.. im expecting miracle products it sounds amazing.After seeing what is inside the box you definitely get your moneys worth straight away... five samples and a £30 gift card! so if your already a Glossybox subscriber you have back more than you payed with just the gift card as the Exclusive addition boxes are £20&p+p  and for non-subscribers they are £30&p+p. You also get an extra 4 samples from the ESPA site when you make an order! Amazing!

The samples in the box are - 

ESPA Energising Shower Gel 
A mixture of zesty aromas and peppermint to awaken the mind and revitalise the body, whilst acting as a refreshing cleaner. This is exactly how it sounds, i tried it out yesterday and its definitely one to use on a morning to help you wake up, i could really tell it had peppermint.
Full size - 200ml | £18

ESPA Energising body lotion 
Shea butter and sweet almond oil lock in moisture, soften and nourish the skin, whilst peppermint enhances clarity and aids concentration leaving you feeling thoroughly energised.
Full size - 200ml | £25

ESPA Skin radiance mask
A brightening treatment for when your skin needs an extra boost.Mulberry, Bearberry and Liquorice brighten the skin and even skin tone Meadow sweet stimulates skin renewal to reveal fresher, more radiant skin. I love this! My skin hasn't been great this week, i had a sight rash on my face so was super excited to try this hoping it would sort it out and it really helped. It feels nice on the skin and you cant really tell you have anything on, it doesn't dry and make your face feel stiff like some masks and left my skin feeling really refreshed.
Full size 25ml | £34

ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturiser 
Proven to improve skin radiance, tone and evenness. This product will leave your skin feeling revitalised and hydrated as well as visibly brighter. This may have to be my favourite product out of this box. I love moisturises and this was great for my skin.I think this maybe what i spend my voucher on as the sample is quite small.
Full size - 25ml | £34

ESPA 24-hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser
Perfect pick me up or your eyes. Evening primrose and Mimosa hydrate and protect the are, whilst Ginkgo Biloba smoothes fine lines and alleviates puffiness and signs of dark circles. This sounds great! One thing im bad at is remembering to use eye creams and its always something i want to make a daily part of my routine... im getting better at it! This has been great so far.
Full Size - 25ml | £35

£30 Gift Card!
So happy to get this in the box to get a full size of one of the products or try something else from the ESPA site. At the minute im torn between trying a full size of the moisturiser or trying one of there candles!

Have you Ordered the ESPA box, or plan to? I think this box would make the perfect Christmas present for someone who likes to look after there skin, especially with the gift card in there.

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