26 November 2012

36 Week Pregnancy Update| bump...

How far?
36 Weeks!

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleeps still fine, i haven't really had a problem with it at all. Definitely recommend the dream genii pillow which i could sleep without! 

Movements seem to be constant again this week, always lots of big movements. I posted a little video earlier in the week if you haven't seen it :)


Acheing , bit of heart burn.

Looking forward too?
Jason been off work!! Its so much easier when i have Jason at home to help take Jake to school and i dont have to worry about walking up the hill or just so i can drive him up and not walk lol. Im really looking forward to putting the christmas things up on friday night too eekkk, i always do it on the night of the 30th when the boys are in bed so they can come down and open there advent calender and its all christmassy :).

This week...
This week has been fine, ive had a few days where ive been achey but thats normally after ive spent the day cleaning, espeshily hoovering lol i cant move after ive done the whole house. I havent felt as though she could be here any second like i have over the last two weeks. I think because its getting so close now it feels like its not going to happen, im starting to feel like she will be late like her brothers were! I saw the midwife last week and everything was fine, shes head down but not engaged yet which the midwife was shocked about as id been getting so many pains, she told me if the braxton hicks started again and get worse i should go straight to the ward but i havent had anymore since.Maybe she went down then changed her mind haha.

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