19 November 2012

35 Week pregnancy update | bump pics ...

How far?
35 Weeks!

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleeps still fine, i haven't really had a problem with it at all, thanks to my dream genii pillow which i could sleep without! 

Movements been the same, i got a video of her moving SO MUCH the other day but my phone didn't save it :(!


I haven't had a very good week this week, at the beginning of the week i have pain under my bump sometimes it felt like i had ripped all the muscles under my bump others it felt like i had alot of pressure. Then later on it started to feel like i was getting braxton hicks although they did hurt! i got worried for a while but thankfully they went away! Then a few days later i had awful pressure in my belly which felt like id had my 4year old sat on my stomach for a week... my insides felt crushed and it was making me feel really sick and awful but i went to lay down and layed on my side to take the pressure of which worked so well! Oh the place where i had the wooping cough vaccine last Friday started coming up with a big red mark around it and slightly started to swell  on Thursday night but luckily that had gone down my the next morning! Hopefully this week will be better ey!

Looking forward too?
I have the midwife on Tuesday so im lucking forward to going there and making sure every things on, although she doesn't really do much just take my blood pressure and her student listens to the heart beat and measures how many weeks baby is measuring. Id really love to get another scan to find out how much baby is weighing as im worried shes going to be huge like the boys were but there so expensive especially as were so close to Christmas as have everyones presents to get :( 

This week...
Im going to finish my hospital bag i did most of it last night, theres just a few other little bits that could go in now then other everyday things will have to go in on the day like phone charger etc. 


  1. Omg! I can't believe how close you are! :)
    I'm still super excited for you, then remember I have my own little bump.lol
    I hope to you follow up these weekly posts with something once she's here, when you have time obviously.. I don't know what I'll read without them.lol
    Don't forget to let me know what you put in your hospital bag.. or give me some clues!lol

  2. haha i know its crazy i cant decide if im happy or sad about it!lol
    Il def do some posts once shes here... or he haha still feel like there going to said its a boy :/ even packed things incase it is ha.
    Thinking of doing a post on what ive put in? il see if i can get some ok pics to do a post with this week! xx


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