14 November 2012

34 week Pregnancy Update | Bump ...

How far?
34 weeks +2!!  

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!!


Sleeps been fine, Jason's been off the last few week so ive been able to stay in bed a bit longer some days which was great! he was back to work this morning which means back to our usual routine.

I can tell shes getting big! somethings feels like she isnt going to stop pushing until shes actually pushed herself out of the side of my belly!


Starting to get tired again and getting up from sitting/laying is hard! but other than that i cant really think of anything. My back isnt 100% but its no where near as bad as it was.

Looking forward too?
Her been here! I keep changing my mind if i can here to come early or not, not early as in now but a week or two so that where all together for Christmas and i wont have to worry that im going to go into labour on Christmas or if i want her to be late and have chance to get a few extra full nights sleep haha. I really want to get the rest of the things we need as soon as i can. I wish i knew how many nappy's ill need etc things would be easier if you knew how much they were going to weigh before they came lol. 

This week...
We got her bouncer this week we went with one from Mothercare that had sound and vibrates it also reclines so you can lay baby back if she falls to sleep. I knew this time i wanted one that had a deep seat because they are so much comfier for baby. One we had at my mums for the boys had a really good deep seat and was perfect so i knew that was the main this i wanted to look for this time. 

Post is a bit late this week, i did most of the post Monday morning but couldn't get a picture as my charger broke then got poorly Monday night :( Then yesterday was awful i had awful pain/ache/pressure under the bump then later on started getting what i think must of been braxton hicks although they did hurt which i didn't think braxton hick did :/ luckily it seems to have calmed this morning a little which im so glad about as Cambell is at his pre nursery group and they get to go into the nursery today which hes been looking forward to as Jakes in there.


  1. http://flobridie.blogspot.co.uk/


  2. Eeek, how exciting to have a Christmas baby.

  3. your belly progress photos are so much fun, love them! cute prego belly!!

    1. thank you :) so glad i have them to look back on x

  4. Love seeing the bump grow, my sister is only three months pregnant but I can't wait for the baby to be here :) Lovely she's due on christmas eve xx

    1. ah congrats to your sister! and you on been an auntie!! :) xx


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