5 November 2012

33 Weeks Pregnancy Update | Bump ...

How far?
33 weeks Today!!  

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!!

Girl..well best be now ive bought everything pink lol 

Sleeps fine, Ive noticed im not tired on a night at all i seem to feel more awake the later it gets at the minute ...which means some late nights but the dream genii is my best friend and i cant sleep without it! 

Lots as usual, tonsss of hick ups this week she alwaysss gets them!

Nothing really...i seem to have totally lost my appetite and never really feel hungry at all. I could easily go all day without eating, obviously i make sure i do but i don't seem to get that hungry feeling at all at the minute! Why oh why cant i not feel hungry when im dieting haha 

omg i have had the worst back ache all week! Like the absolute worst :( Right at the bottom of my back has been so sore ive been having to use a hot water bottle to help it but that didn't really do much. My back just felt so stiff and awful. Thankfully it hasn't been bad today which is the first day all week, really hoping it doesn't stay till the end now! I never really had a problem with my back with the boys that i can remember anyway. Then as i said before .. loss of appetite, ohh just popped into my head but could that be anything to do with taking iron tablets?Im finding it hard to get my boots on now haha bending is so hard because its like ive got a big hard ball under my ribs stopping me moving. 

Looking forward too?
My pushchair is here!! :) Ive found it so hard to pick which one i wanted this time. I knew exactly what i wanted from having had a few before you kind of realise..quickly what you like and don't like lol.When i was picking Jake's first one i just got the one i first fell in love with ( Silvercross 3d ) and didn't think to much about it, it seem perfect but the lay down bit didn't last very long maybe a few weeks because it was so small then i had to have him facing away from me which i didn't like. Then when i had Cambell i needed a double one and ended up with the Jane Power twin . loved it!! really easy to push, great suspension and it had a hand break! ( if your having twins or have two young children i would 100% recommend that! This time i knew i wanted a good suspension with good big tires, one that could face me or outwards, the car seat could fit on to it (easier for school run and quick shopping trips especially when i have the boys with me too) i really wanted a break again but didn't get that :( . Anyway i got fed up of searching and found one that seems good enough and i got it at a fab price too because kiddicare have an offer on atm to save 20% ;) We went with the Quinny buzz 3 and then got the maxi cosi car seat and iso fix so everything should be really easy from getting her in and out of the car as the car seat fits onto the buzz. We already had a Slivecross car seat but that can be for spare now lol. It should be here today so i cant wait to have a play. If you have the buzz pleaseeee let me know what its like! Ive found a bouncer too that we are going to get on Friday and a bath seat, also seen a cute play mat i want but deciding if i should bother as we already have one that is like new from the boys that probably got used once but its blue... I think il be getting things for my hospital bag at the end of the week too.

This week...
I searched for pushchairs lol! Jakes been off school and Jasons been at home so weve been having some family time. On wednesday the boys got dressed up and we went over to my mums to go trick or treating which they loved and got lots of sweets. Jake has his school pictures tomorrow and i have a midwife appointment!! Were now going to get lots of layers on and go to a bonfire :) .


  1. awwwww, how cute is the last pic. not long left now, eee! x

  2. How exciting- I am currently 26 weeks with my second little girl and I can't wait! X

    Katie- www.mummydaddyandmemakesthree.co.uk


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