23 October 2012

October GlossyBox...

I always look forward to receiving a Glossybox each month and been surprised by what products are inside. When i first opened this months box i thought it looked great i love skincare products and i thought the Clean start set was a great products to get and quite big ...the box was heavy! I have seen other boxes since that i would have loved to try especially the BB cream as ive never tryed a bb cream before but im still happy with this box.Im really looking forward to trying out the Clean start set which has a foaming wash, spf moisturiser and a spray toner.The body scrub has come at a great time as im totally out of scrubs so il definitely be giving this ago, i love the packaging its quite aggressive and not what you would expect. Next the Anti-blemish Skinetica, this is something im very happy to have in my box, although i don't get spots often it will be nice to have when one does decide to pop up.I didn't really think much of the Origins one that has been getting a lot of hype recently so il definitely let you know what i think of this one. Finally the Yves Rocher lipstick, the colour isnt one i would really wear on an eveyday basis even though it is a pretty red...i will probably get some use out of it on nights out. The formula is great its very creamy and super glossy.I really want to check out some more shades as i think the formula is perfect! All in all i like this box... i would have love to try the bb cream but i will get use out of these products which is what matters!

GlossyBox are also donating 10p from every box to Breast cancer this month with i think is amazing.

Anatomicals -Dont just clean it woman scrub it.
A pink grapefruit body scrub that buffs with a bruvura sense of charm and wit.
£3.49 | 200ml

Dermalogica  - 3 step day and night kit.
Cleanse, tone and moisturise.
£12 per kit.

Skinetica-Anti- Blemish.
Shows results in 2-3 days, kind to skin with no side effects.
£6.99 100ml

Yves Rocher - Moisturising cream lipstick | Couleurs Nature.
Perfect coverage, smooth, supple luminous film covering of the lips.


  1. I received the same as you. I'm glad you liked them all. Great post.



  2. I've wanted to try anatomicals for ages, this has such a witty name! x



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