24 October 2012

Makebelieve | Self Tan Lotion | Medium 3 & Golden 4

Makebelieve | £24.50

Im not going to lie, when i first opened  this tan and saw it had no colour to it, i was scared! I first got the Medium tan in Zone 3 which you can see from the picture just looks like a normal moisturiser, not something im used to when it comes to fake tans.Even thought im very much a fake tan addict and always have tan on ive always gone for ones that you can see a guide line of where you have already applied. So i was abit worried the first time i used this that i was going to come out a total streaky mess! 
I always use a mitt to apply my fake tan so as i started to apply this, been very careful that i got everywhere i  found the smell of this tan so nice. Definitely gets an award for the best smelling tan! My skin also felt every moisturised instead of dried out which alot of fake tans do. I woke up the next morning (i always applied at night from being used to ones with a guide shade) and.... There was no streakyness. the colour was nice and not orangey, my only problem was it wasn't dark enough for me i did really feel like i had any tan on at all. I did keep using it to build up the tan and i love the tan itself but i just needed something darker.I think this zone would be better suited for someone that had really light skin or someone that just wants a slight hint of colour.

As i really loved everything else about the tan i got Zone 4 to try out. Surprisingly This zone does have a hint of colour.. i had started to like the fact the Zone 3 didn't have a colour guide as i could apply and go straight out if i needed before the tan had developed and didn't have to wait around to shower like you do with other tans that make you look like your covered in mud lol. The colour to Zone 4 is very slight once on the skin though, you can see where you have applied but its not so dark you couldn't nip to the shops. It just looked like you instantly have a tan , perfect! :) Especially if you want to top up your tan before a night out! I found the colour once developed on zone for much better for me then 3. I feel like i have a nice natural colour. I would definitely love to try out zone 5 which is the last one up i think that would look great! 

Overall i would highly recommend this tan, Lovely smell, i never got any streaking and i love how it last so long and fades so evenly! With other tans i have tryed one been st moritz i noticed that it comes of very very patchy and looks awful with this it just sort of disappears slowly you don't even notice it. It just always looks even.

makebelieve develops within 2-4 hours and will wear of naturaly over a week.


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  1. Ah I've used a fake tan once in my entire life, I'm quite pale and always too scared I'll end up looking like a brownie. The zone 3 sounds right up my street though especially as it says exotic fragrance on the tube ha! Might try this out soon, I've heard several people raving about it thanks for sharing xx


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